I am a bad spoilee!

I cannot believe I have not thanked Purlfish, my mysterious travelled erudite Secret Pal for this box of loveliness. I previously received a postcard dangling tantalising hints… Hollywood – American Asian perhaps?? and then a box in the post from Crown Mountain Farms – home of lovely Sock Hop handspun yarn… and painted fibre! I’d be dying to try this stuff (in fact I wanted it so much I wanted to stock it!), and I got the box just as we left for holiday. I meant to write, but then so much took over I clean forgot to do it.

The box opened to reveal a carefully wrapped package, with a note saying it was from my Secret Pal. The package was stamped ‘certified work of art’. Mustang Sally, you say?

And here she is revealed! This will spin up into something just beautiful. And there is alot of it there!!! Socks and matching cap? 🙂 Thank you so much Purlfish. This is beautiful!!! And I am very remiss in not thanking you properly!

The same day, I also received this box from Angela of A Swell Yarn Shop:

It too was put to one side as I rushed to get packed and ready to go.
This was inside:

Which opened to reveal some goodies:

It was a teaser for the main package… which arrived today!!!

A little teaser for you….. this is sock yarn, probably duet sock yarn, Angela’s speciality. I have not yet opened it…..

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