I cannot believe how quickly time flies. Let’s see – thurs/fri were rather uneventful, david worked late, I worked late, really really happy for the weekend to have arrived. Spent Saturday sorting out inventory, and going to pick up gorgeous soft Casbah – this stuff is amazing. Arianne had said it was DaBomb! (ok not quite like that, but that it was amazing) and well, it is. I thought Smooshy was soft. This stuff – wow. Anways, so I was doing inventory and figuring out what was where. David was working again, I had saturday to myself and got lots done. The house looks less like a tornado hit it and I managed to somewhat organise my paperwork. Saturday evening was a nice night out to celebrate Barb and Melissa’s bdays – we left relatively early as Davdi had a very early morning for a bike race (5 am start!). I had been looking forward to sleeping in but twas not to be! Got up getting up at 8 and going to Battersea Park with Deuce and Max to celebrate Max’s 2nd bday. I couldn’t face doing any more work so decided to take a break and just chill on Sunday. I sort of pottered around, finally cleaned out my closet, and generally hung out with Deuce. David had a bad day – got up so early for this crazy 160k race, but ended up blowing a tire and having to bow out since he didn’t have a spare tire. Went to bed at the luxurious time of 930 pm Sunday night.

Ended up staying home today (dodgy dinner on Sunday night) and again took it easy and did some admin when I could. We had the buyers’ people come round today – two letting agents to value it and the buyer himself to meaure the walls or something for their stuff – hopefully we will be exchanging this week. Must be clenching my teeth something fierce the past few days as have awoken to very sore jaw – Saturday morning I could barely chew my breakfast. I clench and grind my teeth so I guess have been doing that a fair bit. Anyways, will be good to get this over and done with. In the future I think they should ban the house buying process totally. It should be either wiped from memory or totally automated.

Oh – the good thing about staying home today was that I was home for Koigu. Yes – she has finally arrived. Woweee!!

Poor david still at work now. Me am off to bed!

One thought on “Quickie

  1. I think I probably said it was the shit. :)And it is. I am its love-slave. Seriously.Rolling around naked in the Casbah…I want that on my tombstone. Haha.

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