U say toemawtow, I say toemaydoe

I ate one of them yesterday- the tiny red one. It was absolutely delicious-tomato-ey of cousre, but it also had a weird undercurrent of berry- strawberry? It was yummy, but I only had the one that was ripe.

Arianne and Jane asked about how I'm growing them- i'm not doing anything special (am amazed they are not dead- my last office plants turned into rotting onions. Bleh). They sit in my office window which is south facing so they get plenty off light. They also drink like alchies- they go through loads of water. I need to repot them (sorry Frank!! I am torturing the poor things) as they are still in their wee pots. I think once they are repotted they should be much happier. And less prone to falling over when they get dry. Oh they also have some baby bio in them for nutrients. Thinking back, the light must have lots to do with it- they weren't so happy in our flat which only gets afternoon sun.

2 thoughts on “U say toemawtow, I say toemaydoe

  1. Aaah. I see. Big corporate windows. That’s the trick to healthy house plants. Must remember that. ;)Incidentally I say to-mah-to now…not to-may-do…I don’t know why. I only say it properly when I’m talking too fast or angry. That’s when my American shows. (Yes,I hav been in a situation where I angrily discussed tomatoes…weird, I know.) 😀

  2. The green grocers need to watch out! There’s a new supplier in town.It’s surprising how easily a bit of dirt and water can create such excellent results.

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