Bourne Ultimatum

Jason Bourne Rocks!!! Man just got home form Bourne Ultimatum (haven’t actually seen 1 or 2 yet, but will do so pronto) and wow am still running high on adrenalin. The first 15 minutes of the film my heart was doing serious palpitations – I could feel it thumping away and hear it almost over the movie. I need to do some yoga or something to calm down. Great movie.

Day was good – uploaded some photos, did more admin, we’re getting more of a system going and David is assisting me which is an enormous help!

Now… just to exchange on our flat (not yet….. hopefully fingers toes and eyes crossed tomorrow), & get the wedding save the dates out and we’ve got a few big ticks off our ever growing list of to dos… I bought a bulletin board, a white board, and more filing trays today. I’m finding that I am losing track of things so hopefully this will make it all work a little more efficiently. Irmgard – I need you!

Meanwhile tomorrow we are hooking up with brother Gordon & Lukola for brunch (which david always seems to interpret as a normal lunch. It’s not. It’s brunch. There must be something with eggs on offer, or breakfast type dishes to count as brunch…) which will be a treat. The last time I saw Jeff was at Megan’s – I had just come back from the Dog Show (checking out pugs, pre Deuce) and had bought a bunch of toys in preparation. In fact, it was at the show that I bought Squirrelly, Deuce’s favourite chew toy. I’ve had to amputate his leg, (Squirrelly, not Deuce) and still Deuce show’s no sign of a slackening of his love for this little beast.

Anyways, this was brother Gordon last, with the darling Phia.

I think Jeffrey looks stunned from his hugging mugging (he got mugged in Soho when a man hugged him).

3 thoughts on “Bourne Ultimatum

  1. Isn’t Bourne just the best? It’s easily my favourite action series and I’m quite glad that you enjoyed it too.It’s hard to think that someone could confuse Brunch with Lunch. Brunch is really a horse of another colour. And the British all-day breakfast isn’t really a good substitution for some proper eggs benedict.

  2. DH & I are huge Bourne fans as well. We had a bit of a fest recently & watched the first two films followed by a trip to the cinema. I’ve now ordered the books as well [VBG]

  3. Hi Alice. I am very honourd to feel “needed”. Never fear, I will be there in mid-October. Great picture of Sophia whose jacket matches the decor.the two exhibition hockey matches got a lot of press over here, as well as most Brits’ total ignorance of the game. They seemed to like the fights best.

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