It’s all going ahead….

Tomorrow is another day… a BIG DAY! It’s moving day for us and we have been crazily packing boxes (well, more like panicky frantic emptying drawers into boxes and throwing contents of closets into bin bags) in preparation for the move tomorrow. I have no more holiday left, so David is being a trooper and overseeing tomorrow’s move sans moi. I will go to work in the morning, and say goodbye to our Onslow Gardens flat forevermore… and then greet our new place in the evening. I think Deuce will be in it before I am! And… I will be taking the boat home too. Yay! I wish I could find my carnet of tickets that I bought during the tube strikes earlier this year. Poo. I’m sure they will turn up when we unpack and sort ourselves out.

Alicja was over on Monday night – she’s getting into knitting which is super cool. She’s been busy knitting a very pretty scarf frm some grey Rowan Cocoon. Very soft and elegant.

Rrrgg it’s 11pm now, time to hit the sack as we still have some final things to pack kup in the morning. And I’ll need to go out and get coffee first thing since – WE’VE PACKED OUR GAGGIA!!!! We waited til last minute and well, tonight it went into the boxes. Starbucks it is then.

Oh I have news about work too… but have to wait until after tomorrow to divulge! It’s a good one, I promise! 😉


Last night we went to a Hallowe’en party at Paul & B’s up in Stokey. Sophia came out dressed as a little pumpkin, accompanied by her Moma, Irmgard. The usual suspects were there – Clare, Jenny & Andrew, Koki, Melissa & Luke, Romy, Angie & Tristan and their little one Theo. Deuce also came, and basically was hyper and tried to hoover up all the food. He also was terribly keen on Andrew, who is afraid of dogs. Andrew did well and would get Deuce to sit and lie down.

We had a pumpkin carving contest, which was way cool and alot of fun. Everyone got a pumpkin, and carving tools, along with a booklet of patterns and ideas. We went with the skull on page one, and came up with this:

Luke created this (Melissa provided moral support):

Paul and Romy created this:

Jenny & Andrew this:

And Angie, Tristan, Koki and Clare created this trio of classics:

We had a butternut squash for dinner, which was super yummy, then stuffed ourselves silly with pumpkin pie (home made by Irmgard – even the crust which was so delicious I had to have 2 slices even though I could barely breath!), tiramisu, and fruit salad!

I’ve caught the carving bug now, and am sooo keen to carve another I asked P&B to take home some of the carving tools and a pattern book! If we’ve got time in the evening of the move we’ll carve another!

Dream in Color Shrug

Next project otn, dream in color shrug in spring tickle, classy. So far great knit, easy pattern (5 panel repeat). It is probably a UK size 12-14 shrug, but easy enough to size up or down (add or subtract panels). 2 skeins only- so hopefully will be a quick knit too!

Birthday Surprise

It is David’s bday tomorrow – so I decided to do a little surprise for him this weekend. He has a group of very close friends, all from school age that grew up with him in the Isle of Wight. They all were coming up for the rugby match, so i thought it would be nice to have a surprise birthday celebration – after all it is David’s big three-oh. I arranged for a croupier and a bartender to come to the house after the match, and we had the croupier guide us through Texas Hold’em, and the bartender made fabulous martinis for everyone. It got a little messy towards the end, but it was alot of fun. David, bless him, had no idea it was for his bday – even when people he wasn’t expecting for the match turned up, and when he was handed a bottle of bubbly (he thought it was to celebrate England’s win!). Very sweet. He was so surprised.

It did mean our sunday was a little tender. We hung out with Jonesy & Cath who stayed at ours. Wandered through ken gardens, then ended up nearby for afternoon tea, where we stuffed ourselves silly. A very nice way to spend the sunday.

Boxes are all here, time to pack up. Thankfully alot of stuff is already in storage so fingers crossed there won’t be masses to pack. Saturday morning we ran lots of errands (and chose a sofa!). Got David an ipod nano for his bday -so he’s sitting here playing with his new toy. If you haven’t seen for ipods, check it out. best thing I’ve seen for ipods – a hardish vinyl rubber back and front to protect the ipod, removable, washable. Great stuff, will have to get one for david.

And today is Deuce’s first birthday!!! He spent it with Cleone – and now is snoring away in his bed. I don’t think he’s noticed, but we have and we’re totally thrilled to have him in our lives. It’s funny – David’s really changed towards Deuce. The two of them play together, so sweet!!!