Ally pally

Quick update-exhibition super cool but also long days and tiring. No time really for much more than bathroom breaks! Erqsome came and was a huge huge help on Thursday afternoon (relieving me to run and incoherently blab to the guard to pleaseletmegotothelooi’vebeenwaitingsince11ambutmybadgeisatthestallpleasesorrygottago and run off to the loo. After that I’ve never had to show him my pass again as he clearly remembered who I was! Alicja a friend I haven’t seen since … well decades… came and also lent a very appreciate hand today. it was so awesome to be meeting all these great knitters (met bockstark! And nicerjac! and sussex yorkie, and so many others my head reels when trying remember (and poor Tricia who I kept calling Justine – because Justine came in the morning and somehow impressed her name on me so that I used it for other people too!) And twoert and craftyknitter, and had my photo taken for a little blurb in Knit, a swedish online mag, heehee! It thrilled me to no end – am a press slut!)

Anyways, it's great and am getting fab feedback which feels really nice and lets me know I'm on the right track.

Time to restock and hit the hay!

3 thoughts on “Ally pally

  1. Hi there,Loved your stand at Ally Pally. I was the lady who showed you her Pomotamii (I take my boots off for anyone). And I’m crazy about my orange Koigu (may not even knit with it, just squish it occasionally).

  2. Yes… we met on Thursday. I was the one with the short greyish hair in the, er, grey ‘cool as folk’ t-shirt, seen kneeling in TussahSilk’s photo 🙂 I’m swroot in Ravelry; feel free to visit the Bearfoot in my stash! (I went a bit mad at Caryll’s Favorite Yarns when I was home in Canada last year).The handspun 2-ply is Teyani’s ‘Chain of Fools’ superwash from Crown Mountain Farms. Sadly no longer available 😦

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