Last night we went to a Hallowe’en party at Paul & B’s up in Stokey. Sophia came out dressed as a little pumpkin, accompanied by her Moma, Irmgard. The usual suspects were there – Clare, Jenny & Andrew, Koki, Melissa & Luke, Romy, Angie & Tristan and their little one Theo. Deuce also came, and basically was hyper and tried to hoover up all the food. He also was terribly keen on Andrew, who is afraid of dogs. Andrew did well and would get Deuce to sit and lie down.

We had a pumpkin carving contest, which was way cool and alot of fun. Everyone got a pumpkin, and carving tools, along with a booklet of patterns and ideas. We went with the skull on page one, and came up with this:

Luke created this (Melissa provided moral support):

Paul and Romy created this:

Jenny & Andrew this:

And Angie, Tristan, Koki and Clare created this trio of classics:

We had a butternut squash for dinner, which was super yummy, then stuffed ourselves silly with pumpkin pie (home made by Irmgard – even the crust which was so delicious I had to have 2 slices even though I could barely breath!), tiramisu, and fruit salad!

I’ve caught the carving bug now, and am sooo keen to carve another I asked P&B to take home some of the carving tools and a pattern book! If we’ve got time in the evening of the move we’ll carve another!

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