Day 1

First night in new place (right by the Thames!) Was great. We're in a little 80s development called Chelsea Harbour. It's a collection of a few different style buildings (neovictorian mews, neogeorgian, and some large concrete buildings) a hotel and a very small marina. It's bigger than our subterranean shoebox, with an extra room and a half.

Deuce was dropped off and he seemed rather confused about it. David said he stood looking at the front door for ages, like he thought there'd been a mistake. David found Deuce his bed and some of my clothes, which I'm guessing made him feel more homey as he promptly got in and went to sleep!

I left work a tad early to catch the 510 river boat home. It was really nice to sit and watch the city go by.

Some unpacking, and david rushed us out to our new local, the Lots Road Dining Room and Pub. His logic was we had to eat before the chelsea game let out- not sure why since we were walking not driving, and we'd have been seated by the time they got out anyways. Good pub.

Oh what a day!! And the little cherry on top of the great sundae treat of a flat is that I handed in my resignation notice so I'll be Socktopussing now full time!! YAAAAY!!!!

5 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Fantastic news! Well done. Great news re your flat as well. Now Deuce just needs to work on wooing the natives & he’ll have a whole new fan club!

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