On the boat again back home, views of the Tate and Big Ben, and the Eye lit up in green lights. It's actually pretty balmy here- not quite chilly yet. The news of my bowing out of the Rat Race was spread to ny NY colleagues today. Big boss very funny- referred to the whole enterprise as 'importing yarn' to which dear E clarified 'artisanal sock yarns!' 🙂 I suppose in terms of going off and setting up businesses, a knitting shop is one thing, but specialising in handpainted sock yarn is a little more difficult to peg into a familar hole.

The other thing I found out today is that my intrepid colleagues googled me when they found out, and found the site! (I am pretty impressed- I used to google me and nothing came up, now put in my name and yarn- seach the uk and I come up number one!). Anyways, if anyone from SPS is reading, welcome to my world (and remember to update me on any good gossip from time to time!!)

Looking forward to a few visitors this weekend- Melis, Allie, Diane and a podcast interview for Lixieknits!!!

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