Project 365

Helda (sorry no link- still no internet at home so working off the crackberry) came up with this great idea- Project 365- to take a photo every day and blog it.

Today's photo is of my morning ride to work. It's the thames river commuter rivertaxi. 7 rows of 6 seats, with an aisle down the middle. Each pick up uses a different boat- so the 715 boat is a speedy little one, the 815 is the one above and the 855 is another one again. There is even a bar on one of the evening boats.

Home office is almost set up- the computer is in (without internet) but at least the phone line works! Will have to find a dial up.

Sometimes I wonder about these massive "services" organisations. Not at all sure who exactly they are serving, cause it sure ain't me!!!
I had made an appointment for the BT engineer to install a new line as the one to the new flat had been "ceased". BT tells me it will cost 165 quid but as I have no choice (if they don't install the line, no internet and – can't have that!!) we go ahead. I am told the engineer will come between 1 and 6pm. So on the day David arranges to be home. The hours pass by and soon it is 5pm with no sign of the BT guy. I try to call their non-whatsoever-"Customer Services" line as does David. We both spend about 100 odd minutes in total waiting in the queue.

I got fed up waiting and called the "come back to BT" line as I was sure they would have better response times to sucker us victims, er, potential customers into a false sense of security. I got through after 5 or so minutes, only to be told that the engineer is booked in but they have no further info. Very helpful.

I call the new number to see what happens and it rings, but on consulting david the ringing is in the ether and not in our flat. Bugger. So another call is made to the faults line, who say the line was hooked up, but that there must be a fault in the flat. Ah, so the engineer who was supposed to come and sort things out did take the trouble to come but didn't bother to check the flat (so why on earth spend 5 hours waiting? God and BT's CEO only know).

So another appointment is made, and am told if the fault lies with us we get charged another 160 quid. Hohum, the threat has by now lost its edge.

In the interim we thought we'd be productive and try to get sky sorted. I spent half an hour on the phone last Friday as the message from the sky box was I needed to call and activate my card. So I did. Conversation goes like this: Sky: "ok hang up the phone as we need to call the box to check the line." Me: "But I'm on my mobile and the phone line doesn't work, like I said." Sky: "you still need to hang up so we can test the line." Me: "But why, I'm not calling from the home line…" Slightly exasperated Sky: "You don't need the telephone line for the box." Me: "??" Sky (after consulting supervisor): "Oh sorry you do, please hang up." Me: "on mobile. Line doesn't work." Sky: "you need the line, call back when it's fixed.". Right-o, well as luck would have it we had already called BT so we're ahead of the game here!

Monday morning I wait for the eng to show up "between 8 and 1pm". BT guy comes, makes one of the sockets work, then leaves. When I check the other sockets I find none of them work!! Thankfully eng had called me as he was lost in CH so had his mobile. Beg him to come back (because he says I'm supposed to cal bt and arrange another call out for another threatened charge!!). Nice guy that he is he does, and spends another while fiddling with the sockets until each and every one worked.. Whooowhee they all finallly have dial tones!

So I plug in our sky satellite box… Only to find that it still says phone line not working. Call Sky again- they check the same screens I did, then say they need to book an engineer to come look at the box- for 65 quid. I query this, since the last sky guy we spoke to did some weird thing with the remote control to do a call back from the box (see convoluted conversation above) She checked with her supervisor, and then came back to say that the reason the sky box doesn't work is because they had not activated the card. Eegads.

5 thoughts on “Project 365

  1. As a fellow North American living in England, my heart goes out to you. We recently moved house as well, and although BT were pretty good to us Sky was an absolute nightmare. In total, I took 3 days of annual leave to wait in vain for the Sky Guy to turn up at our house. 3 days!! I could have had a lovely long weekend in the Cinque Terre or a long walk through the Lake District. Instead, I was on Sky Guy house arrest.(Though I have to admit, I did finish a fetching Noro Silk glam hat while waiting….) In the end we cancelled our subscription and threatened to move over to Virgin, to which they finally replied “We’ll be there this afternoon and we’ll give you the next three months free. Would you care for an upgrade to Sky Plus?”Best of luck with your house moving (mis)adventures!!-Brooke

  2. Oy. I’d like to hear of a country where Phone/Satelite/Cable company’s are actually reliable, dependable and affordable. I think that’s the 21st Century dream though.

  3. It reminds me of my ongoing battles with onetel which, for the sake of sanity, I won’t retell here. (A friend reminded me that I actually threatened to throw my phone out the window – ahem, not my finest hour.) Suffice it to say, I finally had to decide never to call them again or else I’d lose it forever. I do pity you…

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