It's now middle of november, and the weather during the day is crisp and cool but still really lovely in the sun. Makes me think of sitting in the sun at an outdoor terrace in the Alps, sipping gluhwein.

Last night Barb and Paul and Phia were over for the first time, Phia loved going upstairs and took a shine to Deuce's attack bear. Deuce kept trying to attack the bear (biting its ears and neck) and Phia admonished him and said 'no Deuce, don't bite bear!'.

We talked of work and childhood ballet- neither B nor I were particularly fond of our ballet lessons (I for one was also had a spectacular lack of talent for it), though it must be motherly duty to put a child into ballet as B continued her declaration of how much she hated ballet as a kid by saying she was thinking of enrolling Sophia into ballet class! :). Phia has rhythm and a love for music so perhaps she may find a passion for it where B and I didn't.

Sophia ran around the flat and seemed so at home which was great. david made an amazing pork belly roast- 9 hours in the oven! B joked the next time they came over it would be 3 days in the oven a la Heston Blumenthal! He also made a tarte tatin which was yummy. we went for a little walk after dinner around the harbour.

I also met up with Alex from Lixieknitsit for a podcast interview. Alex organises the Skipnorth holidays with Nicerjac. It was great fun, and when the tape was off the conversation flowed, but as soon as it went on and Alex said Welcome to Lixieknits podcast I got all giggly and tongue tied! I waffled and meandered and am not at all sure I actually answered some of the questions posed. All a bit embarassing, really.

Alex also asked whether there were any topics I would prefer we not talk about. I was disappointed to find that I had no scandalous happenings I could say were out of bounds! I even thought quite hard to find something, anything scintillating and sensational to NOT talk about, but nada, niente. I'll have to work harder on that.

And finally there was also the SnB day on saturday. I managed not to take a single photo but I hope there will be some popping up on the blogs. A lot of familiar faces which was really nice- it was more a party atmosphere for old friends and I really enjoyed the whole experience. Craig and Gerard did a fabulous job organising it. I am really hoping they do a repeat performance next year!

And finally finally (and apologies for missing this out!!) Yoshimi came and stayed with us! It was really nice to hang out with her, we went to Diane’s housewarming in Fulham Saturday evening and talked yarn (to the amusement of Neil & Diane’s non-knitting guests). One guy did make a stellar effort to get into it (he was caught on the wrong side of the room, between me Yoshimi & Diane so didn’t have too much choice!). I ogled D&N’s H U G E flat screen, Diane – when’s movie night!!?? 😉 And ate some yummy chocolate cake. And got an Ozzie Kangaroo chocolate biscuit. Yum!

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