More for project 365, I like the yellow theme this winter, this is taken in paternoster square, at the foot of st paul's cathedral. I walk through here in the mornings on the way to work. If I had a soundtrack for my walk it would be johnny cash!

I've lost the motivation to unpack. What with the day job and the evening/early morning job and everyday stuff like feeding and walking deuce, and remebering to brush my teeth and eat breakfast, and try to dress in clean clothes, the whole 'let's organise boxes of scary random stuff from the old flat' is really not that appealing. More so, when there really isn't any obvious place to put it. Maybe I should just take them to the tip. I mean, if I haven't needed them in the last month, maybe I really don't need them at all?

And there is something funny with my eyes. They are kind of dry, but with winter and heating that's not surprising. No, it's more that I managed to poke myself in the eye (not just poke but slash something across it) three times yesterday. Once, ok I do that every so often and that's normal (for me). But three times?? My lack of any sense of spatial distance to a rather important bit of my body is disturbing!

Meanwhile I ended up having to head home early last night to get puggy, since david is doing another deal and wasn't expecting to come home (he did, around 2am). So couldln't get to knit night. But alicja had me over for dinner and to see her new place! Really homey and cozy. And she made chicken in black bean sauce, bok choy and red bean soup with tang yuan!!! Boy was I nostalgia-ing big time.

Tonight am meeting up with ex LTSB folk to catch up and talk new horizons. Won't be able to stay late, since david is prob doing another late one. šŸ˜¦

One thought on “Boxing

  1. A, you know how they say that people are like their dogs (or vice versa)? It looks like you and Deuce share the same affinity for scratching your eyeballs. Maybe you should get a pair of doggles, too! šŸ˜‰

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