Catch up

This I think is a grey heron-on the bank just by chelsea pier. The photo is from a last week- we have had a busy few days!

Sue and Frank came to visit the new place. It was a really lovely weekend, though it started with a terribly long(winded) conference call for me, so S&F had a few posh drinks at the local hotel, overlooking the harbour, whilst waiting for me to end my work day.

We pretty much just hung out and visited the neighbourhood on friday (they got to do a little shopping and strolling down the king’s road before we met up) then we headed to our local thai for dinner. It’s a wonderfully ‘authentic’ thai restaurant – the fit out was done with materials AND workmen brought over from Thailand, and staff are all Thai. Dishes have little chilis to indicate how hot they are – 3 being the ultimate. We ordered a 3 chili beef curry -delicious but sneaky! the spice sneaks up and hits you not after the first bite, but after the second!! Lots of water and ice all round. Frank was the only one who strolled through the heat like it was a pleasant spring afternoon!

Sat we went to Kingly Court to check out beads (Sue makes her own jewellery) then headed to the Tate to see the big crack in the floor of the turbine hall. The crack is Doris Salcedo’s Shibboleth and literally is a huge long crack in the concrete floor. In breaking open the floor of the museum, the write up says “Salcedo is exposing a fracture in modernity itself”. The Tate write up continues by saying “Her work encourages us to confront uncomfortable truths about our history and about ourselves with absolute candidness, and without self-deception” (there is a theme of racisim and colonialism…. but with a just a large crack in concrete floor, it is a bit of a stretch of the imagination to get here). Just about everyone was taking photos of their hands and feet foot stuck down the crack. Not sure any one confronted uncomfortable truths, maybe uncomfortable contortions of feet jammed down the crack at awkward angles. Lawyer that I am, I think this is a lawsuit waiting to happen – a huge crack in a floor that is the direct path from the entrance to the exhibits. It’s not an ‘optional’ experience like the slides… the standard of duty and care to the visitors the Tate should be showing is sorely lacking here… despite signs all around. A council with a massive crack in the sidewalk with signs around but without cordoning it off is massively exposed to a legal claim… I think the Tate is seriously exposing itself…… but alas I digress…

We went home after this and David cooked a lovely lamb shoulder we got from Elizabeth King, a little but very popular deli around the corner from our place. Really tender and yummy, then followed it up with a visit to the Chelsea Ram (where I nearly fell asleep – was soooo tired!). Sunday S&F went back to Isle of Wight (but not before picking up some sock knitting supplies – Sue I can’t wait to see your sock!! :))

Sunday evening we met up with Alicja and her mom, and Lily treated us to a yummy dinner – at the Thai place! See… our favourite place….More knitting ensued… and Alicja brought us some gorgeous housewarming supplies – scented candle, homemade cookies!! cookbook, and Mr Muscle Magic Eraser… gotta try those on my shoes….

I think I caught a chill on the weekend as felt pretty yucky on Monday so stayed home, hoping to fight off any onslaught of flu, back at work for a couple meetings I couldn’t reschedule on Tuesday, back to working from home on Wed… bit of a blow out as missed Shadowlands with Alicja on Monday, missed Emm’s boyf’s gig on Tuesday, missed Kat’s spa’s bday party on Wed!! ergh. Hopefully lying low for the rest of this week and the weekend will mean I’m okay for next week… as we are then in december and the festivities are in full swing!

One thought on “Catch up

  1. Reading all of that made me miss the years I spent living in the cheapest flat in the best spot on the river at Hammersmith, wandering up the king’s road on the weekends, the all-bar-ones had just sprouted and the cool Britannia era was dawning. The Tate, the V&A, the portrait gallery, the high paying blue-chip oil company job with the restaurant quality lunches in the dining room – those were the days.Being Australian I was a bit of a fish out of water, but I loved every second of it. I even married an Englishman, our reception was at Fulham Palace.So now, when I feel the drudgery of being Mrs Suburbia in Australia with two kids, a dog, a mortgage and a serious knitting habit, I still have the memories!Enough about me.I’m over here to see how you’re going on the peacock, and found myself immersed in nostalgia instead. Not to mention lusting after your beautiful yarns.

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