Final Review

Another photo of the chelsea pier- I liked the angles of the walkway and the red of the chairs and life buoy.

Yesterday I had my final appraisal. Feedback was good (though as we get to choose who gives the feedback, it is not altogether that surprising). Still, am pleased with my appraisal, and I was told that I had been the clear number one choice when they offered me the job, as no one had the same background as I did (trained and qualified in a big city firm, experience in a bank). It was a really nice thing to hear, that my choices and experience were valued by a potential employer!

Time to start packing up my office, and getting rid of the multiple copies of The Lawyer that I get sent every week and very rarely read (sometimes for giggles I will – it’s all very navel-gazing). I’ll get an exerpt for you to read later.

Oh and I’m famous!!! Okay, ok not really famous but sort of! Remember the interview with Lixieknitsit? Well, the Lixieknitsit podcast interview came out this weekend! Silly me guided us to a lovely cafe right under the heathrow flight path (doh!) but it was great fun. You can hear the planes and occasionally the clink of my teacup. Alex edited it fantastically well and managed to make me sound relatively coherent! hee hee. Listen here.

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