Back on the wall

Finished my Noro Stripe scarf – am totally in love with it.  Standard 1X1 rib, using 4 balls of Noro Silk Garden. 2 balls of 225, 1 of 230 and one of 228 (the last two were very similar colourways). I did two rows of each colourway, working with 225 throughout and alternating first with 230 then with 228. Second row I slipped the first and last stitch purlwise. And I cast off by knitting two together. I had to cut out a chunk of blah colours, but not very much. Love it! It is soo pretty.

This youtube video made me laugh at the obsession knitting can be. When knitting my scarf every so often I’d stop and stroke it, and admire the colour changes!! Hee hee. Diane told me about this so I thought I’d share!

Yesterday David & Kat hit the climbing wall for lessons, and I hired a belayer so I could spend some time climbing. I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve been on a wall – I missed it. It was such a great feeling to get up, to challenge myself again. I definitely have lost the strength and am very rusty on technique, but thankfully it was still somewhat there. I used to be able to lead up grade 6 climbs, I certainly cannot do that just yet, no strength. I managed even to put on my harness upside down. Sheesh. But boy, I started with a 4, which was a walk in the park, then went up to 5s, which were good but tiring. I think I’ll be honing technique on 5s and making sure I still remember all the safety checks. I did a couple 6as which I could do but but very clumsily. Quite inelegant, lots of repositioning of the feet and hands. My arms and back are sore today but in a good way – just a bit stiff. Will need to practice on it but I was relieved to find I still could read the wall. David is going back with Kat for a weekend morning lesson next Sat & Sun, so I’ll join and do some traversing to practice technique and get a belayer again for the second hour. Wheee! Am really excited. And from next week I’ll have the time, and hopefully a regular partner!! Rock on!!!

3 thoughts on “Back on the wall

  1. Wow! Your scarf is unbelievably great. 🙂 I’m commenting on your blog because I loved it so much when I saw it in person. 🙂 I want one sooo bad.As SOON as the yarn diet is over. :)Also, congrats on finishing work and also I think I should go on climbing wall lessons. When Andy and I go to the mountains I have trouble on the scrambles/climbing bits and I could do with more confidence on the rocks!!

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