Creeping closer to the goal…

The countdown continues- now only tomorrow left until the New World Order commences!

I had my work drinks yesterday, which was nice. A few surprise attendees, Alan the security guy who jokes with me every morning, and a couple guys from my floor who are IT coders- one of whom speaks norwegian and salsas.

My boss presented me with a really nice leather filofax and a card with a bulldog in suit sitting in a leather wingback chair. How well he chose!! It was such a lovely gift tears threatened, but thankfully I managed to surpress them as I think it would of been rather embarrassing!! I feel bad tho as I neglected to invite a few people who I never worked with but who, thinking back, should have been invited. Sigh.

Tonight am going to see Grease 2 with the Bad Film Club… It promises to be a silly and fun night.

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