The first day…

Our new sofabed arrived this morning, as did our christmas tree. The tree is larger than I thought – probably closer to 7 feet than to 5 feet. The lounge looks quite cosy, and will look even cosier when David & I put up the decorations tonight.

First day of Socktopus full time, and it’s been busy! Alot of people at work seem to assume I’ll be sitting around in a pub picking my bum. No sirree I have a list of to-do’s as long as my arm and precious little time to do it in… Today I’ve packaged up my parcels, got huffy with some suppliers who messed up a delivery, am getting stock organised… but have run into a wee problem – I can’t work when my space is cramped and messy… which is it right now and making me kind of crazy and tense. I’m trying to claim our spare room for my study, but David is intent that it stay the spare bedroom. Given I’ll be spending waaaaaay more time in it than any guests surely it makes sense for it to be my study that occassionaly share with guests rather than a guest room that shares a little space with my home office?? Seems plainly clear to me. Harumph. The TV and tv unit has got to go elsewhere. Being cramped in the corner of the room is blocking my good qi.

2 thoughts on “The first day…

  1. Regarding your work space…maybe the mistake was asking? Appropriation could take place more slowly – a skein here, a box there, and soon, voila! Your new office space.Congratulations on your first day.

  2. Having stayed in your spare room, I have to say that the karma would have been better if it were an office space 🙂 It’s a big room though so I don’t see why it couldn’t be both (especially if you have one of those pc cabinets that hides the pc when it’s not in use 🙂

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