Knitmas, Panserbjorne and walls

This weekend has been such a great treat- first a pantomine with Sophia- a first for the trio attending Jack and the Beanstalk- B Sophia and me. Very gender bending and camp but also lots of fun. Sophia is only just 2 but was rapt with attention for the full 2+ hour show. Really wonderful!

Panto was followed by knitmas with the Seal'd crew AND their other halves!!! It was so nice to hang, knit, eat and drink with Emms Dee Laura Emily and Sharon, talk of music, bands, Martin Freeman living with his folks, Clive Owen, housesitting horrors, pronouncing skein (skyne, skeen, and skayn), and of course, sharing knitting projects, yarn and quizzing each other on the yarns used for each project. Ellen came too which was a treat! Smooth tequila shots, lots of mulled wine, cider (st jacques fruit cider- YUMMY-good call Sharon!). Deuce attached himself to Tom, alternating laps between Laura Ross and Tom (sharing the love!).

This morning we went climbing, as David had part two of his course. I went along and luckily bumped into Bruce who is a fifty year old climber. He offered to let me join his climbing group which was really so fortuitous. Not only did I have a belaying partner, but I got to climb with Bruce and Chris, another hard core old school climber with his own rope! Having your own rope means being able to lead climb, and tho very rusty I got to lead a few climbs and watch Bruce and Chris climb- always a pleasure to watch good climbers- the ease and elegance with which they move up a wall never fails to fill me with wonder. 3 hours whizzed by in a blink. Kaisha another girl soon joined us, as well as another old school named Peter.

Am really lucky this time round – when I first started climbing a lot in london I had only one climbing partner, who was the girlfriend of a good friend. But then they broke up and the girlf disappeared- no more climbing! 😦 This time round not only is David learning and doing really well, but Kat is super keen (and is also self employed and has flexible time during weekdays to climb) AND I had the good fortune to stumble upon Bruce and his crew. No shortage of climbing partners means no shortage of climbing!!!! Whooowheee.

Came home and decorated the tree!!

And the good times keep rolling! We met up with B and Paul at the Peasant pub in clerkenwell at 3, where sleeping Phia kept us company and woke in time for a goodbye camomile tea and a cheeky smile and misplanted kiss!! We caught up on Paul's exciting new move, holiday plans, and talked of strippers (the funny and unlikely) fires in London and personal assistants.

And last treat of the weekend- The Golden Compass which we watched on the sofa at the Electric Theatre. The first of three movies based on Phillip Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy. Purists won't like the cuts and splicing of scenes and dialogue, but they capture the main characters quite well and the special effects are pretty cool. I was surprised at the ending as for some reason thought it would be the whole story in one, not sure why as it is a very long and involved story. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the story unfold on the big screen.

2 thoughts on “Knitmas, Panserbjorne and walls

  1. I had such a fab time! Please tell me where you got your mulled wine! The ONLY mulled wine Andy likes! He was so pleasantly surprised! And I love mulled wine so knowing where I can get Andy-acceptable mulled wine is a must!!xxx

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