I’m getting used to not having to go to the office, though I still get pangs of guilt about not having to go in. I’m sure those will go away soon! 🙂  As for working from home, I understand why a separate office is sometimes a necessity – without a proper working space it feels… messy.  Like my cousin J says, a cluttered desk is the sign of a clutter mind, for me it’s more the fact of not having a dedicated working space that makes me feel somehow out of sorts.. unsettled. That will get sorted soon. All in good time.

I’m enjoying being at home, hanging more with Deuce. He’s cleverer than he looks that one! I put some cheese in his Kong – a little rubber ball with two holes at either end.  The trick is to roll it around or drop it to get the pieces of cheese out of the middle hollow. I know he rolls it around, but watching him just now, he actually picks the ball up with his mouth, and instead of just dropping it, he lifts his head up and drops it on the downward thrust of his head, so he puts a little force in the bounce.  Everytime he does it, it makes me laugh.
The assembly for the sock club parcels continues – skeins have been rewound, bags obtained, patterns printed, a big project for which I which I had a proper work table!! Sigh. Patience…. and reorg…. 
The other thing I notice in working at home is the usual structure to my day no longer applies and I now have to impose a new routine.  It’s still being worked out – last week I completely forgot about lunch until well past 3pm.   I’ll need to do what my mom used to do when I was little – make up a daily schedule with time slots for various things.  
Notes on the past few days: Monday Emma came over and helped out with some reskeining whilst I assembled and sorted some goodies. Alicja came over with a home made banana cake which was delicious – she and Emma had a lot in common and so it was a lively dinner table where Alicja or Emms would mention something, like the Fabulous Vegan (or something like that) show and trick of using cider vinegar as a binding agent, and the other would say “Oh I saw that too!”.  Emms is doing her ph.d on James Bond, and her insights and ideas into the novels and literary devices is fascinating and alot of fun to listen to.  Alicja and Emms compared notes on the English university system, compared to the Canadian/US liberal arts systems, where one is more subjective whilst the other attempts to be totally objective.  
I still need to head back to the office to pick up my bike and various bits and bobs, but looks like it won’t be till next week when things are a little more settled at home.

2 thoughts on “Schedules

  1. Unsettled. That’s definitely the right word to use. It’s unsettling to not have a proper and tidy working space.Oh! My mom also made me make those daily schedules when I was little. Time slots for snack, shower, piano, speech, dinner, play, etc. It seemed so tedious back then, but I’m thinking I should get back into that habit!

  2. I’m exactly the same about workspace at home…but Andy is terminally untidy. I’m also untidy in some things (clothes on the floor)…but much less than Andy…I’m very organised with my desk and papers! *sigh*I really admire you for doing your own business.:)Also, if you ever need any help reskeining or packing boxes I promise not to steal yarn, spill things, step on things, be mean to Deuce, or annoy you too much. 😉 (You know, just in case you need help…I haven’t been much help with that other thing…but I told you I don’t know things!)

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