Ahhhhh. Now for a well earned cuppa!

I’ve been maniacally putting together the parcels for the Socktopus Club – and they are finally all off. Every last one. Am very pleased, and relieved. Friday all day was spent putting them together, and Alli and Ellen came and helped out on Friday evening, sort of like a production line.

Saturday was more, but I took the afternoon and evening off and enjoyed a lovely afternoon with our old friends Ed and Alison who came to visit the new place. Ed and Alison are huge foodies and it is always such a treat to cook for them as well as be cooked for by them as there is some friendly rivalry there which encourages the boys to greater culinary heights, as well as a deep appreciation of what is presented on the table.

David made an amazing lunch – bocconcini salad with oranges rocket and mint, followed by lemon sole over a mint and bacon and potato concoction that I just love. And finally, the piece de resistance, an absolutely delicious apple tarte tatin. David’s been working on his tarte tatins, experimenting with different apples, and he hit this one right on the head. Wowsers. YummY! And the meal was so perfectly judged, simple yet tasty, and at the end we were all contentedly full, satiated, and yet totally without the heavy gut feeling which can accompany meals. I guess that’s the fish and salad. Simplicity and perfection. Though to be perfectly honest, I would have happily given up my salad and main in exchange for more tatin. Yummmmmmm.

I did a few more hours of parcelling then as a treat we went to see the Golden Compass at our local cinema. I’ve been listening to the audio books narrated by Phillip Pullman, and had seen the plays at the National Theatre and have read the books as well. So it was a bit disappointing to see how they have rather heavy handedly spliced dialogue and scenes. To be honest, the audio version is actually a lot better – and the accents and voices for the characters so much truer than in the film… I mean Iorek Bjornesson’s voice is totally normal in the movie. Not flat and low, as described in the book… and as voiced in the audio book! Oh! and I wanted to say how much I love Audible.co.uk – so wonderful. Kind of like iTunes, but for books and frankly much better value.

Sunday we took Deuce for a long overdue walk in Ken Gardens. The little one was so happy he pranced around and skipped and chased leaves, catching them and shaking his head as if to kill his leaf prey. Then back to the flat for more parcelling. I finally finally finished them all, wrapped, stamped, addressed and ready to go by just after 1am. Whoowheee! And for that, I am treating myself to some nobrain TV and knitting on my Lady E scarf.

One thought on “Ahhhhh. Now for a well earned cuppa!

  1. Great news that you got your packages out. I’m sure they looked beautiful. You’ll be pleased to know that your god-daughter has been asking for you and David and Deuce. It’s funny – it comes out at odd times. About mid-way through the flight home, she stopped saying she was going to visit MOMA and instead said she was going to visit Deuce. (I must confess I told her that, nice as Deuce was, I wouldn’t fly 7hours solo to visit him.) Then, she has decided one of her Fisher-Price people is you. The figure in question has a blue body and a blonde bun. In short, nothing at all like you. But she is adamant.Isn’t it nice to be remembered?

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