The 12 Days Christmas – Part 1, the first 8

Just realised it has been 2 weeks since my last post! Bad bad Alice….

let’s see – to recap the last couple weeks here… well, the obvious is that Christmas has come and gone (in record time it seems this year – wasn’t it only September a little while ago???). I think once the last parcels for the Socktopus Sock Club were sent out I sort of just melted into a heap of Christmas cheer – too much mulled wine perhaps! I did realise in reading my last post (or rather, David pointed it out) that in fact I had gone to see the Golden Compass the previous week, and that when I said Golden Compass, really I meant Enchanted (a fluffy feel good fun movie with alot of hamming. Panto on the big screen). Brain = mush.

I’ve been keeping up with blogs I read, but simply not updating mine. David’s folks were here yesterday to meet mine, and Frank asked what had happened to my blog! only then did I realise how lax I have been! Sorry dear readers. My new year’s resolution is to blog more frequently, nay, daily. it will be written into my new weekly schedule. I will pin it to the wall in my study.

So activities: I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done on the 21st, wrapped and under the tree.

A treat on the 22nd – a visit from and old colleague who currently lives in HK. We met up and headed out to Borough Market where we sampled all the mulled wine (seriously, we tried out all 3 offerings and there was a clear winner – the third one down from Roast, towards Applebys, or the second one in from Applebys. Yummy! Sunday I cannot remember what on earth I did -I think I did some manic christmas knitting (clever me started on Sunday for a Tuesday showing. Deluded, perhaps?).

Monday David & I went to my old office, and picked up my box of stuff (very important belongings – my mug with my goddaughter’s pictures on it, and my very nice black shoes. My only very nice black shoes! And my bike). We also picked Ellen up, my dear doppelganger who is here back from NYC to provide some much needed support to the team.

Christmas Eve we had fondue, Kat and Max came over and we watched It’s A wonderful life – which we found on The entire thing. It played like a youtube clip, only 2 hours long. Wild.

My mom also arrived Christmas eve, so I popped out to pick her up after dinner, and we all hung out and drank mulled pimms when she arrived.

Christmas Day arrived bright and sunny, we had french toast for breakfast, then proceeded to rip open all our gifts. I got some cracking presents – a Dexter dvd set from my cousins J & J, creepy but compelling and oddly, quite funny in a black way. E brought a parody of the Dangerous Book for Boys, called teh Dangerous Book for Dogs. I’ll do some excerpts later. Very funny. David got me a touching book of poems on Dogs – again I’ll do an excerpt. The pug poem was so sweet. My mom brought all manner of goodies – the best by far being Bubble Milk Tea – the tapioca bubbles which are delicious and so so easy to cook (boil for 20 minutes, cover and let sit for 20 minutes – drain. Presto!). and Teh Tarik sachets for the milk tea…. and the big F off straws for bubble tea. AWESOME. S made me a beautiful necklace and earrings – i only realised she’d made them herself when i noticed that the jade beads looked somewhat familiar (she’d bought them on her last visit to London!).

We watched movies all day – How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the 60s version), Sound of Music, Shrek 3, can’t remember what else. We managed to get out to visit Kat’s house (to pick up Shrek 3).

Dinner of course was goose – started with a homemade goose liver pate, then followed with a perfectly turned out goose (David is really excelling himself!). The potatoes he did in our microwave/oven and they crisped really well. Dessert was a sticky toffee pudding from Borough Market. All washed down with bubbly and and ’83 port.

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