12 days of Christmas, Part 2

While the rest of Christmas day turned out quite rainy and grey, Boxing Day dawned with sunshine and blue skies. It was cold though! We dropped E back at her place in the City and went for a walk along the Southbank, then went to pick up my dad from Heathrow. As a treat, we went to China Tang for some dim sum, food very nice for London (though generally the chinese food is limited to Cantonese style cuisine. Not so refined…. I gotta get myself back to Taipei!!).

Thursday we took Deuce for a long walk in Ken Gardens, then went to Pret a Portea in the Berkeley Hotel. This was pretty cool stuff! High tea, where all the cakes are inspired by London Fashion Week. There was an alexander mcqueen lime lemon and coconut mousse (in the colours of one of his gowns), a Missoni cake, Zac Posen tux chocolate cookie… alot of fun.

Friday morning we went and strolled through Burlington Arcade, a long covered shopping street, with a glass roof. They have Beadles, a sort of liveried guard, who patrol the arcade and enforce (though quite gently and politely) the antiquitated rules – no chewing gum, no prams, no singing, no opening of umbrellas.

David’s folks and brother, and his brother’s girlfriend came by for lunch – first meeting of both parents and we wandered up to the pub by the river for lunch. Sue brought us her first sock, a lovely twisted rib from Sensational Knitted Socks, and some homemade mince pies. We exchanged more Xmas pressies – Deuce received a wonderful framed series of photos (of himself, of course!) with his name framing them.

Saturday we went to Harrods and experienced the insanity that is the post Christmas sales, and tried to go to Beirut Express on the Old Brompton Road for lunch, except they wouldn’t let us sit at a table because I wanted to have one of their sandwiches (never mind that we would be ordering other things!). Strange as we’ve been going there since it opened, and have never had this issue come up before. Besides which, the place was empty. No one at any of the tables, and only 4 people at the kebab bar. Needless to say we left, and stumbled into David’s favourite, the Big Easy.

A little shopping along Kings Road, and it was time for the folks to head home. Deuce I think was bit sad, since he kept sitting in my mom’s suitcase, refusing to move! It was really nice to have my folks here, and they loved Deuce (I knew my mom would!).

Sunday we were up early for some climbing (hurrah!) and went to my fave Malaysian place Nyonya for some food. David made a delicious goose pie for dinner, Max and Kat came over, and we watched another Dexter episode (I want to save these for Sunday evenings to make it last, but alas I haven’t been very good about it!) and then Old School.

Monday today, New Year’s Eve. Today the plan is to clean the house, and then we’ve got some friends coming over for dinner to ring in the new year!

Have a wonderful new year everyone!

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