Candy G-String and Weighted Pins

A glorious Sunday morning. Perfect day for a slightly hazy and hung over morning. Last night was my hen night, which was fantastic. Am lucky to have such wonderful friends!

Lissa & B, my CMHs (chief maid/matron of honour) organised a fabulous night out. Lissa booked out a private room at Shoreditch House, a rather swanky destination. We lived it up, starting with a pedicure at the resident Cowshed spa. Great pedi- got my nails done in a pretty bordeaux colour. Finished up in the relaxation area back with the girls and a bottle of bubbly. We reminisced about our monthly girl’s nights out, where we took turns making the arrangements. I’m looking forward to starting this up again. I always looked forward to them.

We then wandered down to the Biscuit Pin, Shoreditch House’s private bowling lane. 2 lanes, your own bar and bartender. More bubbly all around, and we were split into two teams. Chook was the surprise bowler – who knew she’d be a dab hand at it? On my team were Liss, Chook and K and on the other, B, J, C& D. It was great fun, and hilarious to watch as the competitive streak in our little group of overachievers took flight.

Following our complete and total victory over the other team…. ahem, I mean following our friendly game of 10 pin we headed off to the private dining room. Big oval table, with comfy leather chairs and a flat screen on the wall. We ate dinner to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, played a ‘how well do you know your partner’ game, in which Melissa had emailed a list of questions to David, and got his responses and I had to guess what his answers were. For correct answers I got to open a pressie. For wrong answers, I took a drink. I had to take alot of drinks! Barb and Luke knew more answers than I did. Also David didn’t quite get the game, which made his answers really funny. My favourite answer to ‘when did you first say I love you’ was ‘Girlfriend in College’. Lissa had to clarify the game somewhat to David, but still most of his answers were ‘not sure’. Gifts were rather saucy, and we took turns dancing around with the black whip contained in one of the kits. Good prop to Britney’s songs.

There was much bubbly and laughter all around. We danced to JT, Britney, Abba, Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Chook did a Britney ‘I’m a Slave’ dance impression with aforementioned whip, and we generally whooped it up. After a screening of Old School – Blue, I’m your boy! – at 2am we were in cabs heading home, after really the most perfect hen night ever.

Sunday success

After a gruelling afternoon shopping with my two maids of honour (lissa-lou and barbara), we have succeeded in finding shoes to pair with my dress! Yay! We thought a celebratory glass of champers was in order- but alas the Wolesely told us they did,kt have a bar licence (??), then we tried the Ritz, where we were turned away (no jeans or trainers policy), the Caviar House was closed, as were Hush and Nobu, and we didn't feel the cheesy bar we passed was quite up to par! So what is a girl to do? A true gentlemen to the rescue. Dear Claridges stepped up to the plate and soon we were ensconced in its soothing bar. A bottle of bubbly appeared, and we had some much overdue girl time.

Eureka – I have it!

My days during the week seem to be stranglely without time – mornings I spend with Deuce walking, folding in coffees with local friends Diane & Kat. The weather has been pretty grey and miserable, though in London we are lucky, the torrential rains have so far left us be, a small blip in an otherwise swathe of grey showers. I get occasional sun when I get out the camera and take yarn photos. I’m catching up but still have a fair number to take.

I’ve also been trying to find a wedding dress – I wanted one that could have a double use as an evening dress, and went to Harvey Nics to see what could be rustled up. Nothing much it turns out. Not being 6 feet tall size 8 (6 US) there really wasn’t anything for me. 😦 It was discouraging. I also went to shanghai tang, since maybe a qi pao (cheong sam) would also be nice. Too expensive and timescales wouldn’t work.

I wanted an evening gown that was white/ivory and could pass as a bridal gown. However, from my foray into the shops this seemed like a losing situation.

Ok, not one to take no for an answer, I thought, maybe get a bridal gown that could pass as an evening gown? So I did some google searches and came up with a specialist bridal gown shop in London, just off oxford street. The website was… um interesting, to say the least. Go on, click here, and tell me the first thing that comes into your head.

Does it start with a P and end in ‘orn site’? I can’t help being bemused by the whole bedroom eyes and boy mag centerfold poses of women dressed in virginal white. Am I going to be posing for photos in my dress, leaning against the wall with my arms over my head looking like I’ve taken the female version of viagra? Doubtful.

Anyways, called them up Friday and told them I needed a dress. When the lady on the phone asked the date, and I said 28 Feb there was a short sharp intake of breath. You better come in first thing tomorrow, she said. I asked whether they had any Sunday bookings, so B & M could come, she said they were fully booked until March. Oh dear. Sat 945am it was then.

I showed up to a discreet doorway, on a little side street off Oxford Circus. There was a reception desk and seating area. Three women at the desk cheerfully greeted me saying what a gentlemen David must be (as he had accompanied me to the shop then left). Angie, my assigned consultant, took me through to a room with 6 large changing rooms. The decor was pink and purple, with each changing room being closed off by floor to cieling curtains. Reminded me of a posh lingerie shop, except instead of drawers of bras and panties, on one whole wall was white gown after gown. There were probably about 100 odd dresses on the rack. Then they had veils and another whole wall of tiaras. Angie asked me a number of questions about what I wanted, then walked me through the row of white dresses, some incredibly lacy, some very ruched, others with beading, and many with massive skirts (think Cinderella’s ball gown), picking out dresses I might like to try and, if I said no, asking me what in particular I didn’t like. It was like having your own personal shopper/estate agent (since they also ask what you don’t like when you say no).

I like shopping, but hate trying things on. But this – this wasn’t too bad. Angie brought things over, helped me put them on (now that was cool. If I could put only one thing on my wedding list, a personal dresser would be it). She brought shoes, and a tiara (I had said no to the veil, but thought I’d try out the tiara). Neither shoes nor tiara did it for me. But I did like 3 of the dresses, and Angie helped steer the decision making process in a really simply and logical manner, asking me what I did and didn’t like, then laying out the didn’t like points side by side and eliminating (eg if you had to have a dress for today, which one would it be). So, I have a dress. Surprisingly it is not at all in the style I had imagined, haha no it is not a huge pouffy meringue, though now i do wish I had tried on one of the massive gowns, to see what they were like! The session was 2 hours long and ended with a glass of pink bubbly. These ladies do know how to make you feel special!

David and I had such a productive Saturday – he sorted out the waistcoats and ties for the boys, shoes for the wedding, and I got my dress! yay!! Today is shoes and accessories day. Looking forward to hanging with B&M for a girly day.

We also met up with my friend C who is moving out to Winchester in a couple weeks. Alot of investment bank lawyers there – reminded me how lucky I am not to have to be one myself anymore. 🙂

Swedish Berries!

Today I was going to write about how much more in control I feel, how much progress we’ve made on wedding preps (have seen the mocks of the invites and they are COOL!), cakes, music, and photographer, and all the work done on the Socktopus site (new photos, new kits, a sale…) and all my fun week happenings (seeing my goddaughter, garlic soup, spinning at Diane’s, the products of spinning at Diane’s…) BUT a parcel from the mailman has thrown everything for a loop.

It is the last reveal from SP11 – secret pal 11 swap. My secret pal has been sending me postcards from all over the world (italy & hollywood!), and giftees including a much admired and revered Crown Mountain Farm Sock Hop roving (in Mustang Sally) at the aforementioned spinning meet up, pressies for Deuce… and this last one. The timing was perfect – working late today (funny that, I work way harder now than I did at my previous job, yet all my lawyer mates think all I do is sit around picking my nose), David is out at a work thing, and me, well, I couldn’t be bothered to make dinner… thinking that it might be tinned corn tonight, right out of the can, and along comes this amazing care package….

See for yourself:

I have been craving Saltines for a couple months now – can’t find those in London. And what is in the package? Not only are there Saltines, but peanut butter (had just thought at lunch how it would have been nice to have made a peanut butter sandwich!), swedish berries, twizzlers, maple syrup, Goldfish….See all the fantabulous yum yums??

Sarah Sarah, thank you so much!! Must be because you are Albertan that you are so cool. 😉 I will overlook the Oilers thingie (afterall, I went to U of A, so am somewhat compromised already). U are the absolute best! Am sitting here munching on saltines and swedish berries. I used to have a jar of them in my room when I was growing up – I’d fill up at the Bay, and put them in my little glass jar. Loved them then, and love them still. Muchas gracias, chica. 🙂

Must also mention that I went to B’s last week for some girl time. B made garlic soup – we were both a little puzzled that it was more a broth than a thick soup, somehow it just feels like it ought to be rich and creamy. However, it was very tasty, and with great little croutons covered in cheese it was like a mini flavour explosion in the mouth. Sophia continues to amaze me – how quickly she has gone from single words to full sentences. She and deuce danced around each other- she interested but wary, deuce interested in whatever she had that looked like food. Saturday went to Diane’s for a spinning group meet up, brought my Joy and spun some yarn yard roving (which had arrived that very morning!). Gorgeous stuff. Photos to come.


I’m feeling it bite – just little bites, but they are relatively constant and wearing on my nerves. Holy am I glad that the desk job is gone, I think I would have seriously risked being sectioned by now. David has taken over the invitations, and my mom is helping out on the canadian side (with my aunt) which is great. In some ways I am a detail person, but with this wedding, I’m really not. All I care about really is that I have fun, my guests have fun, there is enough booze to drink and food to eat, and that it tastes good. The rest I leave in more capable hands than mine. Hee hee and we have sorted the honeymoon out – so really isnt’ that all? Oh poop. Dress and shoes. It’s ok, I have some dates in the diary to go shopping. That should be fun!

I have a workstation coming tomorrow, not a second too soon. Working without an area to work is really terrible, and tho I think of myself as an adaptable creature, a lifelong habit of having a proper desk, at home whilst I was a student and at work for the last 7 years, is something I realise I cannot break and cannot adapt to something any less. The kitchen table really just doesn’t hack it.

Now it is 530, I have been and gone to the post office and done my tasks for the day it is time for my lunch.

Tomorrow – Clarity. Organisation. New shelves. An actual work table. A new start. Cannot wait!!!!

Chilly Days, Dark Nights

It is very chilly outside- cold with a bite. Deuce is curled up next to me snoring away. This is fireplace weather – it would be nice to have one. Maybe we can replace our radiator with one? It would certainly be a nice feature for the room!

Friends are all trickling back from their holidays now – Angie and Tristan dropped by yesterday with little Theo. That one is a major flirt. I think if anyone is just born with innate charm and chivalry it would be little Theo. He spends his time looking around, then at you, willing you to smile with him. If the pretty brown eyes don’t do it, he throws a coy smile, and if that doesn’t melt your heart like butter in the tropical sun, he cocks his head just so and throws a huge smile. And he occassionally will throw his mom a hug – it seems, simply to give her a little attention if he feels she’s lacking it! Very sweet.

New Year’s Eve saw Ed & Alison and Kat & Max and Melissa & Luke, fresh from Miami, at the flat to rin gin the new year. Our neighbours set off some impressive fireworks, which we cheered (hanging out the window… I hope no one else minded our drunken reveleries). We decided to make some chinese food, as I really feel so goosed out. Dumplings, steamed pakchoi, edamame and lettuce wraps. Followed by tarte tatin (I think red bean soup would not have gone down well!). It was fun, if a bit chaotic. I’ve not cooked in so long I’ve really lost all sense of it. Still, it’s inspired me to cook more and experiment more with chinese/taiwanese dishes. Huajuan, these steamed chinese buns I love are on the to make list!

New Year’s Day was rather tender, and I ended up sleeping until about 2pm, very unusual for me. We went to the park for a long walk with Deuce, then back home for some left overs and broccoli soup.

David went back to work on Wednesday, and I’ve been spending the last couple of days sorting out my accounts and admin for the store. Tomorrow I’ve got a trip to the post office to send off all the orders from over Christmas.

Eek and now for the wedding invites – I just realised we have 2 months to go. EEEEK.

Oh and Sky’s engineers came to install satellite – it seems it will be almost impossible to do. Poop. Back to getting tv through our phone line. Sheesh it really ought not be so difficult!