Chilly Days, Dark Nights

It is very chilly outside- cold with a bite. Deuce is curled up next to me snoring away. This is fireplace weather – it would be nice to have one. Maybe we can replace our radiator with one? It would certainly be a nice feature for the room!

Friends are all trickling back from their holidays now – Angie and Tristan dropped by yesterday with little Theo. That one is a major flirt. I think if anyone is just born with innate charm and chivalry it would be little Theo. He spends his time looking around, then at you, willing you to smile with him. If the pretty brown eyes don’t do it, he throws a coy smile, and if that doesn’t melt your heart like butter in the tropical sun, he cocks his head just so and throws a huge smile. And he occassionally will throw his mom a hug – it seems, simply to give her a little attention if he feels she’s lacking it! Very sweet.

New Year’s Eve saw Ed & Alison and Kat & Max and Melissa & Luke, fresh from Miami, at the flat to rin gin the new year. Our neighbours set off some impressive fireworks, which we cheered (hanging out the window… I hope no one else minded our drunken reveleries). We decided to make some chinese food, as I really feel so goosed out. Dumplings, steamed pakchoi, edamame and lettuce wraps. Followed by tarte tatin (I think red bean soup would not have gone down well!). It was fun, if a bit chaotic. I’ve not cooked in so long I’ve really lost all sense of it. Still, it’s inspired me to cook more and experiment more with chinese/taiwanese dishes. Huajuan, these steamed chinese buns I love are on the to make list!

New Year’s Day was rather tender, and I ended up sleeping until about 2pm, very unusual for me. We went to the park for a long walk with Deuce, then back home for some left overs and broccoli soup.

David went back to work on Wednesday, and I’ve been spending the last couple of days sorting out my accounts and admin for the store. Tomorrow I’ve got a trip to the post office to send off all the orders from over Christmas.

Eek and now for the wedding invites – I just realised we have 2 months to go. EEEEK.

Oh and Sky’s engineers came to install satellite – it seems it will be almost impossible to do. Poop. Back to getting tv through our phone line. Sheesh it really ought not be so difficult!

2 thoughts on “Chilly Days, Dark Nights

  1. Only 2 months? Eek indeed! We have TV through our phone line, with Homechoice (now Tiscali) and the picture is perfect. The broadband is good too and we’ve never had a problem with it.

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