I’m feeling it bite – just little bites, but they are relatively constant and wearing on my nerves. Holy am I glad that the desk job is gone, I think I would have seriously risked being sectioned by now. David has taken over the invitations, and my mom is helping out on the canadian side (with my aunt) which is great. In some ways I am a detail person, but with this wedding, I’m really not. All I care about really is that I have fun, my guests have fun, there is enough booze to drink and food to eat, and that it tastes good. The rest I leave in more capable hands than mine. Hee hee and we have sorted the honeymoon out – so really isnt’ that all? Oh poop. Dress and shoes. It’s ok, I have some dates in the diary to go shopping. That should be fun!

I have a workstation coming tomorrow, not a second too soon. Working without an area to work is really terrible, and tho I think of myself as an adaptable creature, a lifelong habit of having a proper desk, at home whilst I was a student and at work for the last 7 years, is something I realise I cannot break and cannot adapt to something any less. The kitchen table really just doesn’t hack it.

Now it is 530, I have been and gone to the post office and done my tasks for the day it is time for my lunch.

Tomorrow – Clarity. Organisation. New shelves. An actual work table. A new start. Cannot wait!!!!

2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. so you are getting married…when? I am getting married on the 18th April and I have SO much to do! I must get on with the invites too!

  2. Wow, did you change your settings or something? Cause it seriously took me half an hour to get to this comment page.ANYWAY, I can help! I can help! Just let me know what I can do. BTW, even though we haven’t received an invite yet, I’ve booked our flights home for your wedding – we’ll be in Calgary on the Wed before. 😉

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