Swedish Berries!

Today I was going to write about how much more in control I feel, how much progress we’ve made on wedding preps (have seen the mocks of the invites and they are COOL!), cakes, music, and photographer, and all the work done on the Socktopus site (new photos, new kits, a sale…) and all my fun week happenings (seeing my goddaughter, garlic soup, spinning at Diane’s, the products of spinning at Diane’s…) BUT a parcel from the mailman has thrown everything for a loop.

It is the last reveal from SP11 – secret pal 11 swap. My secret pal has been sending me postcards from all over the world (italy & hollywood!), and giftees including a much admired and revered Crown Mountain Farm Sock Hop roving (in Mustang Sally) at the aforementioned spinning meet up, pressies for Deuce… and this last one. The timing was perfect – working late today (funny that, I work way harder now than I did at my previous job, yet all my lawyer mates think all I do is sit around picking my nose), David is out at a work thing, and me, well, I couldn’t be bothered to make dinner… thinking that it might be tinned corn tonight, right out of the can, and along comes this amazing care package….

See for yourself:

I have been craving Saltines for a couple months now – can’t find those in London. And what is in the package? Not only are there Saltines, but peanut butter (had just thought at lunch how it would have been nice to have made a peanut butter sandwich!), swedish berries, twizzlers, maple syrup, Goldfish….See all the fantabulous yum yums??

Sarah Sarah, thank you so much!! Must be because you are Albertan that you are so cool. 😉 I will overlook the Oilers thingie (afterall, I went to U of A, so am somewhat compromised already). U are the absolute best! Am sitting here munching on saltines and swedish berries. I used to have a jar of them in my room when I was growing up – I’d fill up at the Bay, and put them in my little glass jar. Loved them then, and love them still. Muchas gracias, chica. 🙂

Must also mention that I went to B’s last week for some girl time. B made garlic soup – we were both a little puzzled that it was more a broth than a thick soup, somehow it just feels like it ought to be rich and creamy. However, it was very tasty, and with great little croutons covered in cheese it was like a mini flavour explosion in the mouth. Sophia continues to amaze me – how quickly she has gone from single words to full sentences. She and deuce danced around each other- she interested but wary, deuce interested in whatever she had that looked like food. Saturday went to Diane’s for a spinning group meet up, brought my Joy and spun some yarn yard roving (which had arrived that very morning!). Gorgeous stuff. Photos to come.

4 thoughts on “Swedish Berries!

  1. You are most welcome! I made sure to include all the things which at one time or another I wanted but could not seem to find while living in the UK. Swedish Berries are my favourites too! And Maple Syrup is a no brainer…..I mean I DO live in Montreal, so it’s kind of required.So both final packages have made their way to you now? There may be one more on its way….

  2. Yum, I had 8 boxes of Kraft Dinner come over in my sister’s luggage in July. I’m not sure she packed any clothes though and Garlic Tabasco Sauce which you just can’t get over here. This is making me very homesick.

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