Candy G-String and Weighted Pins

A glorious Sunday morning. Perfect day for a slightly hazy and hung over morning. Last night was my hen night, which was fantastic. Am lucky to have such wonderful friends!

Lissa & B, my CMHs (chief maid/matron of honour) organised a fabulous night out. Lissa booked out a private room at Shoreditch House, a rather swanky destination. We lived it up, starting with a pedicure at the resident Cowshed spa. Great pedi- got my nails done in a pretty bordeaux colour. Finished up in the relaxation area back with the girls and a bottle of bubbly. We reminisced about our monthly girl’s nights out, where we took turns making the arrangements. I’m looking forward to starting this up again. I always looked forward to them.

We then wandered down to the Biscuit Pin, Shoreditch House’s private bowling lane. 2 lanes, your own bar and bartender. More bubbly all around, and we were split into two teams. Chook was the surprise bowler – who knew she’d be a dab hand at it? On my team were Liss, Chook and K and on the other, B, J, C& D. It was great fun, and hilarious to watch as the competitive streak in our little group of overachievers took flight.

Following our complete and total victory over the other team…. ahem, I mean following our friendly game of 10 pin we headed off to the private dining room. Big oval table, with comfy leather chairs and a flat screen on the wall. We ate dinner to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, played a ‘how well do you know your partner’ game, in which Melissa had emailed a list of questions to David, and got his responses and I had to guess what his answers were. For correct answers I got to open a pressie. For wrong answers, I took a drink. I had to take alot of drinks! Barb and Luke knew more answers than I did. Also David didn’t quite get the game, which made his answers really funny. My favourite answer to ‘when did you first say I love you’ was ‘Girlfriend in College’. Lissa had to clarify the game somewhat to David, but still most of his answers were ‘not sure’. Gifts were rather saucy, and we took turns dancing around with the black whip contained in one of the kits. Good prop to Britney’s songs.

There was much bubbly and laughter all around. We danced to JT, Britney, Abba, Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Chook did a Britney ‘I’m a Slave’ dance impression with aforementioned whip, and we generally whooped it up. After a screening of Old School – Blue, I’m your boy! – at 2am we were in cabs heading home, after really the most perfect hen night ever.

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