Fatty pug pug

Deuce is looking at me, nay, staring at me, willing me to return him his food bowl. I overfed him, and he looked about to burst… so I took away his bowl for fear that he might actually burst. Little pug bits all over the kitchen does not appeal! So he’s now pacing the kitchen, waiting for his bowl. Sigh.

More eye trouble – back to the vet today after a week’s runny eye. Today I saw he actually had an ulcer on his eye. Pooh. Hourly drops now for a few days. Even now it looks much better than it did this morning. Fingers crossed. I do not wish for another trip to the Animal Health Trust, good as they are.

I cannot believe how quickly the week has flown by. It seems ages since my hen night, but yet it was only 7 days ago! This past week I got a chance to catch up with E my doppelganger back from NYC. Met up with Jenny and Andrew for some Vietnamese (I had bun with spring rolls… though J had pho and as usual I wish I had ordered pho instead) and had David’s friend’s over on Sat evening for fajitas. Neil & D were over Sat morning, Neil was kindly volunteered by D to rustle up some great scrambled eggs and bacon (I can certainly get used to that!). Today (after the vet) we went up to visit Jenny & Andrew at their new place – an old Edwardian house which they will completely renovate (it was left in a right state by their previous owners). It’s very exciting to see it before the work commences, I think it will look amazing as they have some lovely ideas about what they want to do with the space. Deuce met Jenny’s sister’s Vizlo – a beautiful dog, caramel/toffee coloured. He and Deuce bounded around playing – so cute – at one point I looked over and deuce and Monty were lying down next to each other, sort of communing. We’ll have to do a playdate soon! Had a roast lunch at the Spaniards, a very busy pub next to Hampstead Heath, then walked through the wood back to J & A’s new home-to-be.

Knitting continues – I have still not cast on for the Karenina socks (urgh!!) but I have almost finished my leaf lace socks in Knittery’s Waterlilies. Very nice knit, though if i did it again i will replace the ladder lace and alter the leaf lace slightly. Love the waterlillies yarn – bit of cashmere to make them indulgent!

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