Hole in the Middle

I’ve been baking more lately – mostly of my favourite recipe of white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies (although have been making it with variations for interest – some with cranberries, some cinnamon chocolate & hazelnut. My favourite is still the original!), and yesterday I attempted a bread recipe I used to make alot when I lived in Stockholm – from probably my best loved cookbook Nya Annas Mat (a sort of ‘Joy of Cooking’ tome that all Swedes that lived in dorms seemed to have). I made a mortal error though in my first London try of it – instead of 150ml of whole wheat flour and 1litre of white flour, i used wholewheat for the entire thing which threw off the recipe somewhat. Poo.

I was going to make it again today, as I really like it (all crusty outside and chewy moist inside) but as I was flicking through my cookbooks, this caught my eye:

I’d tried this recipe once before, with mixed results. Some of the bagels fell and literally imploded, while others were great. I happened to have everything to hand, so I got mixing. This is a good recipe – although a bit fiddly in that there are a few steps (mix, rest, make into donuts, rest, boil, then bake), it is actually a rather tidy recipe. I normally manage to end up with a massive load of washing – this required only one bowl, one measuring cup and some baking paper! After some mixing, resting, and forming the dough into little donuts – the results were boiled for 3.5 minutes, and then popped into the oven for 15 minutes.

They came out wonderfully! Not terribly even, but I’m sure practice will make perfect! 😉 David & I scoffed a couple already – great chew to crust ratio…I will have to go out and get some cream cheese tomorrow. I am not too keen on the flour – I used italian 00 which gave a too white bagel (inside) for my liking, I’ll see if all-purpose flour gives a different result. Traditional bagels are made using malt, not sugar (which I used). I’d love to try using malt and see if I can tell any difference. Still… I think these won’t last long! Another batch will likely have an appearance later this week.

3 thoughts on “Hole in the Middle

  1. jeez, these bagels look delicious!!i totally forgot about the wonderful food you can make!which reminds me: i think i still owe you a dinner invitation…/moneim

  2. Wow. Those bagels look really delicious! Are you going to try different variations like poppy seed, seseame seed, etc.?Re: John’s socks. I used Cat Bordhi’s Upstream master pattern. No gusset – I think the increases on the instep makes it look like a gusset, though.

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