Here and there

Happy Valentines!

Following on from finishing the book Mr Darcy’s Diary (a hen night gift), I have watched Pride & Prejudice (BBC) now twice, and reread Mr Darcy’s Diary again, and have almost finished another trilogy in the genre. Whilst I agree that men and women can achieve similarly great things regardless of how many xs or ys are in their chromosomes, I think when it comes to P&P that it is more than clear that there is a great divide in some matters. Mr Darcy in P&P for example, and the scenes where he stands by, intently staring, clenching his jaw in that manly restrained manner of his!

More bagels were made yesterday – following Nigella’s bagel recipe. I am not enamoured of her cookbooks, I find the recipes rarely work as well as they ought. The bagels confirmed it – nice, but not bagels. They were more like bread in donut shapes. I think my first try on Sunday didn’t get enough kneading. They were good, but a bit too tough. With the Nigella bagels, Diane helped. Diane’s mother baked their bread when they were little, so she kneaded like a champion, and knew what a ready dough should feel like. With the little bits of knowledge I am learning piecemeal, I think that my Sunday try 1) had not been kneaded enough and 2) did not rise as it should have done (I had active yeast that I ‘proofed’, which might of killed them). This will not do. I will conquer this! 😉 By making the first recipe again, but with adjustments for kneading, proper rising. My hypothesis is that this should bring some levity to the bagel (it was a little too dense) and also give some moisture and colour to them. Hi ho!

Things are finally shaping up for the next installment of the Socktopus sock club – had a minor crisis which thankfully has been avoided, and we may yet have the cool bonus I am hoping for – though this is now in the hands of others, so fingers crossed.

Wedding plans also now getting sorted, RSVPs flowing home, final details being ironed out. Dress fitting done monday, will pick it up on Tuesday next. I had also ‘misplaced’ my passport (meaning had no clue what had happened to it with the move). Some frantic searching turned up nothing… but then I happened to open the drawer where it used to ‘live’ and lo and behold – it was there. Bad bad Alice. Would have been rather embarrassing not to have made it to my own wedding due to, well, me just being an idiot!

Bad news on the neighbour front – two rotties attacked my friend Kat & her dog Max. Just about 8 min walk from here. The owner of the dogs let one dog attack Max, and then, instead of calling the other dog to heel, just let the second off his lead to join the first. WTF??? Needless to say Kat was quite shaken up, and bloodied by the whole thing.  She is however ok despite it all.  Max, who is not great with strange dogs, was shaking at the end, but no open wounds thankfully. The owner apparently told Kat to shut up when she screamed at her to control her dogs. The whole thing is just awful. Police have been called. I hope something can be done.

2 thoughts on “Here and there

  1. That horrid owner of the Rotties…one of the nicest dogs I know is a Rotweiler and I’m no animal person! How scary for your friend…hope she’s ok. I am enjoying reading about your exploits with the bagels, I might make them One day, but I’ll use my bread machine to knead the dough, I hate kneading the dough! I am excited about the next sock club installment! I wish I could lose some weight before my wedding, unfortunately, this is becoming a very social time for us both, and we keep eating meals with friends etc…it is hopeless! I give up, I will be fat on my wedding day hah!!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day!ARHGHGH! Your post just reminded me that I had totally forgotten about P&P on PBS this past Sunday and missed it!I’m eager to hear more about your bagels! I don’t know about Nigella’s recipes, but I don’t like her much. Well, I try to not like her because John just loves her and how sensual she is/her cooking shows are. And that just makes me cross! Hmpf!Oh no! Why was K bleeding?! Did the rotties attack her (or turn their aggression towards her)? I can understand that dogs are aggressive with other dogs (even towards dogs that are smaller), but turning aggressive towards a human is completely unacceptable and must be corrected by the owner at all costs. It’s very clear to me that this person needs mental help. Letting the second dog loose to help out in an attack and then telling K to shut up while standing by and doing nothing is not rational or normal behaviour. I wonder what the police will do? I hope they confiscate her dogs and put them under the care of someone who can control them properly.

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