Bads and goods

Had indian take away last night (special treat for david as we rarely eat indian food), as he was able to get away early!

Some answers to yesterday’s post – K was bleeding from the dogs having clawed her.  Apparently the police can’t do anything because she was not bitten by the dogs. wtf?  Very disturbing. By the time a bite happens, it is already too late!
The owner definitely has problems – apparently she had followed kat home, and when she went out to work the owner was sitting across the street to taunt her. The porters from k’s apt block are afraid. They told her not to report. Apparently there is a gang of people who harrass people in the neighbourhood, and the porters didn’t want K to be targeted.  It’s not like the owner was a teenager either! apparently in her mid twenties/early thirties.  People who will not take the time or care to properly teach and control their dogs shouldn’t be permitted to own them!!  Rotties are indeed lovely dogs – I’ve met so many that were playful dogs. Large & heavy sure, but normal doggy behaviour – no lunging at leashes and drooling from fangs as the papers and movies would have us believe.  But if they are taught this kind of behaviour – bad owner = bad news.  The man who owned a rottie that mauled his little girl to death apparently had abused his dogs regularly and had previously been banned from owning another breed.  Should have been banned outright from owning any kind of dog!  This is what irresponsible owners do to dogs – they end up being dumped at the local dogs shelter as people don’t want ‘vicious dogs’.  It makes me so sad.  Staffordshire terriers are actually recommended by the kennel club as being ideal for families with small children, because they have such a high pain threshold.  A little kid can hang off their ears and they won’t be bothered. But because they have been popular with types like the aforementioned owners, resulting in in the inevitable attacks, they are now seen here in the UK as vicious uncontrollable dogs.  Putting them down is generally the manner in which these dogs are dealt with. But the owners? Owners that abuse and/or encourage this behaviour?  A slap on the wrist. A ban from owning a particular breed.  Arrrgghhh.  
Friday today – yarn has been posted for the sock club (yay!!).  Others bits and pieces will follow next week.  Looks like the parcel will go out last week of feb now, but still before I leave so all to plan!!
And very much looking forward to saturday’s pub night with the SEAL’d girls. Haven’t seen everyone since… since christmas drinks!  Too long too long.  Will be free (as david will be on his stag do) so lots of just hanging about.  Yippee!  Knitting and chit chat with good friends. What better way to spend time than that?

One thought on “Bads and goods

  1. Can’t wait til tomorrow!!! Poor Kat – I hope she’s okay. There are so many nutcases out there. Like you say, bad owner = bad news. I always believe it’s the owner’s fault rather than the dog.

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