Knitters Rock! But are very sneaky….

Sat morning was a visit to Borough market, to catch up with Daifu, Ellen and the Saint, visiting from NYC. A little bit of strolling in the very crisp chill air, and rather stupid standing about in the shade (very very cold in the shade) despite there being gorgeous sunshine out. Not sure what made us do that! Rounded off by a little bit of P&P at Ellen’s place, with some tea and fudge to warm us up after the cold morning out.

Evening was supposed to be a meet up with Laura, Sharon, Dee & Emms for a catch up. I always have fun with these ladies – so I knew it was going to be a good night, i just didn’t know how good!

The evening started out very well – feeling a little cheeky I took a cab to South Ken to catch the Piccadilly Line to Leicester Square. The cabbie was hilarious – an Italian guy with a broad cockney accent that meandered in and out of his speech. He sang ‘O Sole Mio’ in a rich deep (and loud) voice, and he told me that in life, all one needs is a little bit of luck. Not a huge amount, but just a wee bit. I heartedly agreed – a smidgeon to make that bit of difference, that bit that we’d notice, that bit that would give us a smile, make the day that little bit brighter. Not too greedy, lagom, as the Swedes would say (just enough for yourself so that there was enough left to go round to all the rest of the Vikings). I thought it was a nice philosophy. Attainable, and somehow, inspiring.

Having left my singing Italian, I made my way through the Chelsea supporters leaving the Chelsea match and on to Leicester Square to meet Emma & Laura. Sharon was to meet us at the pub. Emms & Laura took me to the pub, via the ATM, and I happily followed them. Probably a good 15 minutes later, we arrived at the pub. I had not tweaked that the pub was actually about a 2 minute stroll straight down from the tube. We wandered up to the upstairs lounge, Emma saying that maybe they should call Sharon to let her know we’d be upstairs. I remember saying – oh, I’m sure she emailed and said she’d see us upstairs, and thinking, Emma’s reaction was a little funny. Nothing I could pinpoint, just, kind of funny.

We opened the door – to – lots of flashes and … lots of people shouting SURPRISE!!! It took me a second or two to figure out what was going on – did I know these people, had I walked into someone else’s party? But I saw familiar faces that crystallised into Justine, then Diane, then Sharon, all beaming away, then I looked around and saw Jen, and some random blond girl… who turned out to be Mel! AnnaT was also there! I think Anna being there, and then Mel having her hair down totally threw me. I was momentarily quite confused. I have never had a surprise party before, and this was, this was just so amazing. I had thought it was just going to be the four girls catching up. How wrong I was! This surprise had been in the works for a while. And Emm & Laura knew everyone, including Sharon was to be upstairs. In fact, despite Laura saying to Emma that she hadn’t seen her since, oh, was it Christmas drinks? that they had seen each other often to sew up the blanket, and more recently an hour before they met me to prepare at the pub! Totally threw me off any whiff of suspicion!!

Turns out my dear sneaky Socktopods have been scheming and planning a wedding blanket for David & I. A blanket made up of strips knitted by my dear friends – picperfic, annat, Diane, Emms, Dee, Sharon, Laura, Mel, Tracy, Ali, Jen, Justine, Jane &
Alys a new friend!! Horseshoes for luck, xs and os for snuggling. A crochet border by Diane. It’s beautiful. It makes me teary just thinking of all the positive and loving vibes in the blanket. Thank you!! Sadly my camera batteries died today, so will post piccies tomorrow. But for piccies of the evening and of the creation of the magnum opus- click here.

Update: Piccies!!

The One Day in March blanket!

These are the various stripes of knitting done by the aforementioned lovelies:
Can you see the hearts, hugs & kisses?
Horseshoes for luck. Eyelet, mermaid…
Folded up. A snuggly blanket.
Diane’s crochet on the edge.

This was a fully fledged knitterly hen night. A knitted Learner’s plate, pinned to my shirt, and a home made veil with knitted roses (from Mel). But the fun doesn’t end there! Also in the pressie was a blue lace garter to make imperative to flash a little thigh at the wedding! And some handmade stitch markers by Jen. And, a lovely book with wedding messages and the yarns &a
mp; designs used in the blanket! How cool and awesome was that??? Honestly i am the luckiest girl and the happiest too. I sound like Jane from P&P but dangitall, it’s true! Am totally touched by all the people on the Ravelry group who were involved in this venture (as soon as I got home I put in the code words – yes CODE WORDS! See, sneaky!! – and looked up the group). And who (sneaky!!) kept this all top secret. I am touched by the generous and lovely thoughts and efforts. And I am impressed by your wily cunning! Heehee.

We drank, we knit, we made friends with Italians (I think there is a theme here…), a very drunk girl tried to shove crisp packets down the side of the sofa… where Laura was actually sitting. Very odd. She apologised profusely, too rightly. We drank up, then wandered down to Spaghetti House (see! theme! We should have gotten to singing….cabbie told me I need to practice singing…) for some pasta, and mustachios. Mustachios broke out on Emms, Then Sharon, then me. Laura refused, though I think she will succumb! Mustachio also migrated to Mel’s bosom, and Woolly seemed rather a bit too interested in them. Carl watch out! 😉

We headed home after that, and I wondered why people were staring at me on the tube. when I got home, a guy asked me for directions to the nearest shop for ciggies, and after I very earnestly helped him with directions, he gave me a funny smirk and asked me if I were in theatre. I’d worn my mustachio all the way home! I giggled all the way to my front door. A perfect end to the perfect day. Thank you my dears.

4 thoughts on “Knitters Rock! But are very sneaky….

  1. Haha! It was such an awesome night. I’m glad that everything came together so well and that you enjoyed yourself. Laura xx

  2. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there, sounds like you all had a fab night though. Hopefully I’ll get to come down and see you all soonxx

  3. I am rather miffed to have missed this madness! Can’t wait to see the blanket as I foolishly forgot to photograph my strips!

  4. Such a good night. So glad you enjoyed it. The final photos of the blanket just look Awesome. It was such fun being part of the scheming and plotting. lots of love Mel xxxxx

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