Had my first pilates class at the gym on Monday- on a contraption that looks not dissimilar to the life sucker bed in Princess Bride. The exercises were deceptively easy- deceptive because the next day I found that my breathing muscles were really sore!!

Yesterday a trip to Hatton Garden to have wedding bands made. Only, I forgot to bring my ring (thought david had taken it). We walked down the street to a non descript door. Well, actually, the door looked like it led toa crack house. We were buzzed up, walked the narrow dingy staircase to another door- this one made of 3 inch thick metal- where a burly ex SAS man greeted us, and motioned us inside through another metal door. The ex sas guy must have been satsified we posed no threat as he then sat down and continued to read his novel. David's been a fair few times and tells me that the man is always reading sas novels.

The lady behind the counter (itself filled with diamonds) had on two rings, each with a massive diamond. The thing was the diameter of a penny.

Am back again today with ring to choose my band.

Tues morning a visit with the Saint to a few antique shops- some of which had some amazingly beautiful pieces – one book shelf was £75,000. Ouch. One had these chinese painted plates, very delicate yellows, soft reds and blues, with hinged handles. I was too afraid to ask how much they were.

And, today is the launch of The Inside Loop- a UK based online mag for knitters, crocheters, and fiberenthusiasts in the know!! They are ones to watch so be sure to pop by and check out the articles and great patterns.

2 thoughts on “Snatch

  1. Urgh. I hate pilates. They make it look so easy on tv, but it’s so hard, especially for someone like me who’s about as flexible as a boy. I took a class and without fail, every class, I would somehow end up pulling my triceps while doing this flip your legs over her head excercise. You would think that it’s all about core strength, but apparently one needs (or, more specially, I need but am sorely lacking) arm strength as well!

  2. we went and ordered our rings on Saturday, of course, I had to have paltinum because of my platinum engagement ring, and softer metal would just get ruined! Money is simply dripping out of our fingers right now but what fun it is! As for exercise, forget it! I’m going for the stress approach!Mind you I am having a massage this afternoon!

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