I keep trying to blog about my days running up to the wedding, but then something always seems to need doing or distracts me. I still don’t have the dress – am to pick it up on Tuesday. I need a haircut, but keep forgetting to make the appointment. We have final numbers. We spent sometime tonight sorting out the table placings.

We made chilli dogs today (yay!!) as I LOVE them and saw that my cousin J had made them a while ago. David made cassoulet tonight, but it was a bit too heavy for today’s gorgeous sun.

Secret things are coming together (well, secret but not secret!). Sock club yarn has arrived. Another parcel was sent out yesterday. Printing and photos tomorrow. Eek!

Went to D’s for the launch party of the Inside Loop – watched the counters as the site visits increased – almost 2000 in the first 24 hours. Spectacular. D& Kate the founders have a great idea – and they are so professional and conscientious. Am really excited to see where they take the Loop.

Suitcases are out. Lists are being made. And most importantly, I am planning how to ensure I get my knitting on the plane home. 9 hours is a sock! or a hat! hee hee.

One thought on “Clueless

  1. funny how the need to have our knitting intact for the journey takes a priority! Have fun in these last crazy days…I have yet to make my dress, just picking it up must be a doddle!

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