Organised Chaos

So it’s all coming together – three days left before we head off to Canada. We are putting together a packign list, as otherwise I fear many important things may be forgotten (rings, dress! shoes….). I often forget little things – pjs, underwear even, socks, toothbrush etc, so i think to avoid craziness a list is in order.

Thank you so much for all your well wishes, we are totally excited. A couple days of skiing before the wedding itself, then we are off to the Maldives for honeymoon. A week of doing zippo, nada, niente, rien really appeals. I can’t wait!!

Am knitting away still on my Serendipity socks (i shoudl be done them by now – but was distracted by a secret project, and couldn’t stop knitting on that…but now only 18 rows left before toe decreases. Hopefully will be grafting it up tonight!! Ha, then on to secret project knitting…. and a hat (cap karma in Malabrigo), a clapotis (Indigo Moon Sunshine), then another swallowtail in camelspin (for me this time! Or actually, first my mom, then for me)…. and of course, socks. Taking probablyjane’s lead, I am going to split my socks into Challenging, Relaxing, and Brainless for various moods. My Karenina socks are next, they will be my relaxing socks. I have agreed with Diane that we will do Eunny Jang’s Chuck’s Cable socks – those are challenging (two colour cable socks!). And my brainless? Totally plain, stockinette in a variegated. Let’s see what gets done on the plane!! I may sneak the Australian espresso sock in there too… Erqsome managed to knit a whole sock in 10 hours of knitting!

Dress was picked up yesterday. There were a few little bumps, but as picperfic is actually making hers herself, I cannot complain at all, as it was really more a M&S ready meal experience than a River Cottage experience!

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