On our way….

A whirlwind voyage to Banff and back- it was so lovely and perfect I need to reflect some to be able to properly do justice to everything and promise a longwinded blow by blow account to come. 1000ponies and Papayamango have described some of it- food was certainly a highlight- some of the best sushi I've had in a long time, and not forgetting the pride and joy of Alberta- AAA grade steak! Friends and family all congregated together (I gave more hugs and kisses in three days than I have given all year I am sure!) with messages from those who could not make it. My nearest and dearest mingled and chatted and met each other which I loved. My favourite jiujiu (uncles) were both there, Uncle Kai MCing and trying to keep track of an elusive pair of 90 year olds who kept running off, and Uncle Ping injecting a certain artistry and humour into the line dancing. My dear and beautiful goddaughter preceded me down the aisle accompanied by my maid and matron (heehee) of honour. And the wedding…. Sigh. It was truly the stuff of fairytales. The hall was magnificent and the dinner… Very harry potter!! I was expecting to see stars and the night sky on the ceiling! I couldn't have dreamt up a better one and feel like I am the luckiest daughter to have such a great mom who pretty much organised it all. More on the wedding to come…. I'll set up a flickr group for all the photos!

It is a funny thing to be married- I hadn't expected to feel any different…but somehow the little ring around our fingers gives me a thrill everytime I see them…. I also like to tell david every so often "you're my husband now" in the voice of papa lazarou (?) from League of Gentlemen (he's the circus guy who kidnaps housewives by placing a ring on their fingers, declaring "you're my wife now"). Cracks me up every time!

Now off to Maldives for a week of true R and R. Of course I have knitting, but some scrabble on the deck is in the plans and some beachside massage….. Eeee cannot wait!!!!!

6 thoughts on “On our way….

  1. That’s wonderful! Alice, I’m just delighted for you both. I hope you have a marvellous honeymoon.Congratulations!! xx

  2. Oh Alice, so lovely to hear from you….I am in full flow with my preps and it is a joy to hear of your delight in being married…sending you lots of love for a long and happy marriage. Marianne

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