Some things change… others stay the same

Little puggy’s right eye was bothering him, so we went to the vet this morning.  I was worried he’d managed to poke another ulcer into his right eye, but turns out it was conjunctivitis. Sigh. Will some things never change?  

A bit of excitement today – managed to get into a bit of a scrape with the car. No one was hurt, except maybe my pride a little.  Car and concrete post had a bit of a fight, and i’m afraid the post fared better than the front wing of my car.  Sigh.
Visited my dear post office chaps today.  They thankfully did not renew their offers to take me to church, but they were excited I was back and asked after the wedding.  I hope the closures proposed by the government don’t affect that branch. I like having a ‘neighbourhood’ post office, where, though not to the point of knowing everyone’s name, still has that ‘Cheers’ feeling. Too bad Woody Harrelson wasn’t the dude behind the counter.
Time for some bubble tea – my mom sent some bubbles over with my dad and so we’re having some tonight as a treat!  With ovaltine. I’ll have to figure out how to make the red bean coconut milk ones. They are YUMMY.

One thought on “Some things change… others stay the same

  1. BUBBLE TEA! I am in envy. I miss bubble tea – I have the lovely black pearly bubbles in sweet ice-cold milky tea back home…Hope the pup’s okay. Give him huggies from me.

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