Worms, spinning & podcasts

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments (yes Emms, great sock, eh? he hee) and wishes!

I just put on Miss Flip Knits‘ first podcast – do drop by and listen to it. Congrats ladies! I love the clarity, and cheerful voices, and, like Lixie Knits It, you can make out every word too! (My petpeeve is trying to decipher what people are saying on podcasts. Detracts from the enjoyment I think.)

I’ve been busy – I decided enough was enough with the amount of rubbish we generate. So some wormy help was brought in. We got a wormery – a little home for worms into which kitchen waste goes into, and the worms eat up and in return leave lovely rich compost.  

I got the empty box in the post, and a bag of worms separately.  There was a brick of coir, which I soaked and then mixed with shredded paper for the bedding.


The I added a wee bit of kitchen waste in the corner.  The worms went into the bedding (sorry no photos. They grossed me out too much).
And covered with moist paper shreds.  
The covered with newspaper.
And then finally the lid for the worm works house.
This now sits outside, and I’ll leave it alone for a week and let the worms settle.  
In conjunction with this, I also got a Bokashi bucket for kitchen scraps – basically pre-composting kitchen stuff before sticking it into the wormery.  The Bokashi can take all kitchen scraps, meat and dairy and cooked food, things that shouldn’t go into a wormery. Once the Bokashi bucket breaks it down, it can go into the wormery and will be very quickly converted into compost by the worms.  So hopefully we will reduce the volume of crap that we throw away!  
I’ve been up to a fair bit and have been slack about blogging – so a quick recap: last Friday was a drinks night held by dear Clare, followed by a spinning meet at our flat on the Saturday.  D drank rather more port than I hoped he would and didn’t actually surface until well past 2pm on Saturday.   Jan, Ali & Chantelle came for the spinning and we had lovely banana bread and cupcakes. After the girls left and David came out of his zombie-like alcohol induced stupor, Marc (who flew in from Holland for Clare’s party) came over and we spent Sat afternoon hanging out with him and catching up.  Thursday was the Socktopod’s first socknitter meet up at troubadour.  I think this is going to be the start of a great meet up!  And today we were treated to crepes by Angie & Tristan – mmmmm, absolutely gorgeous.  

I’ve been much into spinning and have finally spun up Natalie’s fibre club roving. I’m pleased with this yarn, I think I will try Jane’s Cranford Mitts.
The colours are so jewel-like – Natalie has a great eye. I thought it would make a beautiful necklace!  My plying is still not as even as I would like, but I’ll have lots of fun trying to get to that point!


One thought on “Worms, spinning & podcasts

  1. That handspun is WONDERFUL!It will make great Cranfords, just the right amount of colour blending and variegation to keep it interesting but not so overwhemingly contrasty that the lacy pattern gets lost.I’m really looking forward to seeing them. Yours may be the first handspun ones in the blogosphere.natalie

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