Problem with have a couple blogs, is sometimes things get a little confused!

Meant to post this here, not on the Socktopus club blog!!

Finished the first of my Cranford Mitts – I had to do a mod and take out 10 stitches because my yarn is more like aran weight than dk, but it is a little too small….

I love the way it turned out tho’, so I may just try to stretch it a bit after a wee wash. I used 3mm needles, Classy Black Parade as the garter edging, with 40 stitches around. I could easily go up to 3.5mm probably and it would fit alright.
The ideal home show was last week, and Sue came up from the Island with a group of others, so I popped into Earl’s court for a short visit. I didn’t mean to, but ended up coming home with a new set of tupperware (this stuff is cool – sunrise, from selkin). Sue had a couple towels embroidered with ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ which were lovely (thanks Sue!).

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