Aren’t we Lucky?

Tomorrow I’m off to Seattle for a week’s sock camp. I am super excited – the “camp counsellors” line up is incredible – Cat Bordhi, Stephanie Pearl McPhee, and the campers will be from all over (mainly the US). I’m hoping to learn alot of new sock knitting tricks, and meet a lot of fabulous knitters. I will also be looking for yarns whilst over there – a pre-camp yarn crawl is being organised, and I’m meeting my mom for a quick visit afterwards in San Fransisco so hope also to visit some shops there.

Tuesday was a great day – I met up with Ems at the Ritzy in Brixton. I used to live there when I first lived in London – it was amazing to wander around and see all the old haunts. The Satay House is still in the same ownership as 10 years ago, I didn’t get a chance to see whether Fujiyama was still around (used to love it there). Walked by the M&S where I had a crazy run of chicken korma – ate it everyday for like a month, the Iceland, though the little lady who used to make aluminum paintings of fish was not there that day. The Ritzy cafe is fab, I’ve not been there before though Barb and I used to go see movies at the Ritzy a fair bit. It’s a great theatre! Ems was busy making M her boyfriend his bday gift – busy hand stitching it I should say. Beautiful stuff, I hope he loved it!!

I’m off to meet Melissa in Putney later today for another girl’s catch up, and to finally give Luke his bday gift (Cap Karma toque in Malabrigo). Aren’t we lucky with the gorgeous weather today?, I really hope we’ll be able to sit out in the sun.

2 thoughts on “Aren’t we Lucky?

  1. A – is that you on the Yarn Harlot’s website? The first picture in the post about that computer program that “calculates” colour patterns of skeins of yarn? I think it must be!

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