You spin me right round

Diane’s spinning group has really gotten me to do more spinning. 

A little pictoral essay from my first attempts to the latest skein (I don’t seem to have a photo of my very first attempt, poop…):

Merino from Fibrecrafts, spun on a spindle. Ranging from aran to sport (i’d say at least the range is evenly spread!), and both over and under spun.

Freyalyn fibre from Woolfest, spun on a spindle. I think this looks similarly uneven to the merino above and ranges from chunky-aran to fingering/sport. 

Yarn Yard organic merino roving, spun on Ashcroft Joy.  This is getting better, not quite as over & under spun as previous attempts, still a fair bit of underspun bits, but more dk weight portions than worsted weight bits.

BFL Fibre from Yarn Yarn’s Fibre club. I think i’m getting better on the over spinning, but in some places still underspun, and definitely quite uneven. Ranging from worsted to sport.  Mostly worsted, with some thin bits. I wasn’t thinking too much about weight of yarn, but more about pinching and feeding, something I wasn’t doing before (more pinching and pulling)


Organic merino pencil roving in Sea Anemone from the Yarn Yard plied on the bobbin. I consciously tried to make this one more even, and aimed for a fingering weight.

Sea Anemone drying. Despite trying to make it fingering weight, I ended up drafting it to a weight that, when plied, is mostly about sport weight, though there are still fatter bits and still underspun bits. 

With each skein I produce I feel like I am learning more and adjusting and getting more comfortable with drafting and handling the fibre.  And looking back through the skeins, it is satisfying to actually see the progress I have made.   Some of this last skein I am so thrilled with – there are a few strands here and there that are really evenly plied and look like candy!  

Set & skeined:

Now what to make with this? It is 80 grams worth…. I’m not sure this is enough for mittens… maybe fingerless? Maybe Cranford Mitts??
I’m aiming to get comfortable enough to spin 100grams of even 2 plied fingering weight yarn, for socks.  I have some Sock Hop roving from Crown Mountain Farms given to me by an awesome swap pal which I am saving for when i feel a little more confident about my ability to spin to this weight.  Until then I have some beautiful Yarn Yard rovings which are such a delight to spin, both in texture and in colour. Maybe the next one I’ll manage the sock weight….

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