Sunny Palo Alto

Arrived in California to sunny skies and warmth (despite a brisk pacific breeze). Hanging out with Uncle Ping and Aunt Amy now and checking out the local yarn shops. A quick trip to Target too- I left London with a carry on roller and a tote bag, but my luggage has somehow multiplied and I now have three full tote bags plus the suitcase- for a large duffel bag and some space saver bags (the kind that you can squeeze the air out).

Last week I was at Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Sock camp- Camp Crows Feet. Yes, the very same as the one attended by the Yarn Harlot. You know my whole thing about affirming all the good things in life daily? It was almost ridiculous how incredibly lucky and blessed I felt every day.

We had class with Cookie A, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Tina Newton and JC. So much knitterly genius and brain power. Overwhelming, awesome and amazing.

The setting was incredibly beautiful. The whole feeling of the place and our camp was like the resort in Dirty Dancing – the main building, the walks at night and the early morning mist. I kept expecting Johnny to come strolling by. It was sunny, it was rainy and it snowed. Beauty and all the seasons in a week- how lucky were we to be able to experience all that?

Being part of the camp felt like such a privilege – only 100 campers out of 2200 sock club members- so another reason to feel lucky. Every day was filled with fun and laughter and the incredible good humour (despite actually having to work and the very long and full days) of Tina, the counsellours and the Sockateers.

And of course, the campers. I met so many wonderful and talented people. I met people I know in my heart of hearts will be lifelong friends. People like that are rare gems and though parting was sad, just thinking of these gems brings a smile to my face. Their friendship adds a sparkle to my life I can only celebrate. Lucky? Damn straight!

And finally- knitting in general. I am so lucky to have picked up a habit which, despite being a serious handicap to my finances, has given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and have the kind of fun and (hysterical) giggles I had when I was a kid. So knitters -thanks for being so darned awesome.
More to come on Camp Crows Feet.

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