Pre-Yarn Crawl

Last day in Palo Alto – spent the day with my uncle and aunt at their golf club. Last time I played was also with my uncle and aunt, and David, at their golf club, a few years ago. David & I were so bad, I think we only played 4 out of 9 holes because it took us sooooo long. My uncle joked that our swings were more like chopping wood, straight down, missing the ball and gutting chunks of grass from the fairway. David & I took some lessons when we went home, not for very long, but I really felt proud of myself for remembering some of what we were taught. We played 7 of 9 holes, so almost twice what we did last time! Still crappy, but less so. And I hit more than I missed, which is also an improvement. Maybe next time I play again in a couple years, we’ll actually finish the full 9 holes! I’ve been spoiled here, hanging with my mom and eating fabulous food. Xiaolongbao, taiwanese beef noodle soup. Mmmmmm. Gotta get my fill as I won’t be eating this again for a while now. 😦

Now for another installation of the sock camp trip:

I flew to Seattle on friday over these massive volcanic mountains standing alone amongst lakes and hills. It was warm, the sun setting on Seattle. I was to share a room with another Alice from the sock club- she wasn’t at the hotel when I arrived but she appeared shortly after I got to the room. I was, as usual, a space cadet with my travel arrangements. I did know the city and my hotel name (I’ve been known to show up at the airport knowing neither) and had the confirmation number (thank god!) but forgot to ask for and bring alice’s last name and contact details.

I blurted out to front desk that I didn’t know my roommate’s last name, and when they suggested I look for her, I said I’d never met her so didn’t know what she looked like. I refrained however from saying I met her on the internet (wanted to avoid them thinking “internet friends” a la Old School).

Thankfully Alice was a little more clued up and called Chappy who knew my last name. We met up with Cathy and Joan when we went down to the hotel restaurant for dinner- two ladies looking a little lost standing by front desk. Alice was wearing the Rockin Sock Club badges on her cap, and we were soon introducing ourselves and pulling out our knitting pouches! We ate and chatted, all of us totally excited for the next day’s yarn crawl and of course, for camp. I bailed early, as was totally knackered from no sleep on the plane and needed some shut eye.

The Notorious Sock Knitters congregate at breakfast.

The next morning, more campers joined us at the hotel- Carole, Susan, and Sam. Alice goes through logistics (having taken the time and effort to go through the whole route the day before, even going all the way to Churchmouse!!).

We headed off to the airport to pick up Chappy, Maya, and Susan, and meet up with Ariel and MJ and the Knotorious Knitters Express- MJ’s custom painted shorty bus. It was and still is awesome.

MJ & Stariel with the custom bus passes made by MJ’s hubby.

What knitters do when they meet – take photos of each other taking photos. From left to right, Mya, Sam (just her blond head and white shirt), Carole & Susan.

Left to right, ALice, Chappy, Joan (behind in the green) and Mya, talking shop and waiting for the bus.

And there it was:

Awesome, or what? Check out MJ’s blog where she, her hubby & Stariel paint the bus just for the crawl!

We tattooed ourselves (care of Cathy) and hopped in the KK Express for our pre-camp yarn crawl. The Dalai Lama was in town, and we met with some of the resulting traffic, but MJ had provided us with a cooler full of bevvies and Sam made the most amazingly morish peanut butter cookies. I could have scoffed them all, but not knowing my fellow knitters that well, I didn’t think gobbling up all the cookies would go down that well. Boo.

Our first stop- Weaving Works.

I was tempted by the yak roving but left with some starmore books and two skeins of Pagewood Farms, a local indie dyer. All my fellow KKs left with a skein or two of something.

Next stop was lovely Acorn Street Yarns.DSC_0905

I managed to escape without a single purchase, though it was pretty hard. I’m pretty sure my fellow KKs nobly picked up the slack.

We zoomed our way over to the ferry to catch the ferry over to the last stop- Churchmouse on Bainbridge Island.

It did not dissapoint.

We were welcomed with a glass of sherry and some shortbread (how cool is that?). Then we descended on the yarn. I was restrained and only two skeins of STR fell into my basket, though another copy of Montse Stanley’s Knitting Handbook also fell into it. This is my third or fourth copy of this book- i consider it the best reference
for knitting – I keep lending it or losing it and buying it again. Totally worth it.

We went to Cafe Nola afterwards for dinner – and when we were shown to our table, we found that every place setting had a little goodie bag from Churchmouse. One of the KK’s said “I feel like a rock star!” and another promptly corrected her “No, like a Sock Star!”. Yes, Churchmouse was lovely. We definitely felt like Sock Stars.
(From left clockwise, MJ, Carole, Sam, Cathycate, Mya, Susan (misknits) & Susan (unraveledgal).

Eating yarn spaghetti.

We finished up with some gorgeous homemade icecream
From left: Susan, Mya, Sam, Joan, Alice, CathyCate & Carole.

MJ dropped us all back at our hotel and turned on the jazzy blue lights for the express. Rockin!
And we fell into bed and konked right out. I slept like a rock.

The next morning, Alice picked up a rental van (which we stuffed full with our suitcases):

and we went back to the airport and picked up Snoutma (another Cathy) and after a little research, decided to visit Hilltop East. We were lucky to find a pho place just opposite which was delicious (so lucky, as i LOVE pho).

After a little discussion, we discovered Acorn was open on Sunday and with a whole lotta enthusiasm, we went back.

Hello again!

It’s a lovely little shop with very friendly staff. A lot of Kauni disappeared into baskets.

All in all a very successful visit.

Back in the van Alice had rented that morning and up to Anacortes to catch the ferry to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

On the ferry, there was serious knitting, and giggling knitting:

And something funny knitting:

A beautiful island, and when we reached Roche Harbor resort it was picture perfect.
A marina, with a local grocery shop.

We had rooms in the historic De Haro hotel,

but to be honest, when I was shown my room I got the heeby jeebies… it reminded me of the haunted old homes in Heritage Park…. I asked to change rooms to the new building, with fireplace and flat screen tvs! I admit I was a bit of a baby, but better to be a baby during daylight hours than be freaking out and knocking on a fellow KKs door in the middle of the night screaming about ghosties under my bed!

The next morning we went to Krystal Acres, a local alpaca farm.

We met some sweet alpacas – they were just charming.

We stopped at a lighthouse

For some posing:
and knitting:

We then headed back to the harbour as it was nearly time to go to camp. Mya & I stopped in a cafe and ordered some lunch, thinking we were a little yarned out (gasp, horror! I know I know, not something to admit out loud…) but then Susan dropped in with a bag of goodies from the LYS. We duly inspected her purchases. I looked at My
a, Mya looked at me, and the two of us left Susan at the booth with our orders and legged it to the LYS a few doors down. I left with three skeins of beautiful worsted alpaca (it is destined for an Orcas Island scarf). Yarned out my foot! What blasphemy.

Then on the ferry for the next stop: CAMP CROW’S FEET!!

One thought on “Pre-Yarn Crawl

  1. A, it sounds like you had a wonderful time at sock camp! I’ve been in a knitting slump lately, but now after reading about your adventures, I’m ready to get back to the needles!I love Uncle P and Aunt A’s golf course! Uncle P commented how the Japanese who play there were funny because they would never walk to their balls but always run. Four holes into our round of golf, and John pointed out to me that I was constantly running around after my ball. (And sadly I was! I felt that I was playing so bad that I was holding up the round and had to run around to save time!) At the 7th hole, Uncle P ordered me to stop running!

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