There’s’ no place like home…

It's been great, but it's time to head home. I'm missing DH and the monkey. And I've also managed to pick up a cold- nothing a few nights R'n'R won't sort out.

We went to visit the De Young museum on our first day here- they had a Gilbert & Gilbert (? Somehow that doesn't seem right but I can't remember the name) exhibition. We also went up the new tower for a bird's eye view of SFO. We also went to the Japanese garden at Golden Gate Park for some tea and biscuits- a bit of sustenance!!

It's been a lovely visit- unhurried time with my mom which is a luxury. Uncle Ping and Aunt Amy were stellar- beef noodle soup, ramen, bubble tea, xiaolongbao. Mmmm. Heaven.

Today we visited somewhere near Mountain View (hi Cookie!) and had some yummy ramen, and a bubble tea at a place called Verde. Can u tell all we do is eat?

Now home to start training for the windsor half marathon (running it early october). After all the food (and cocktails) some structured training is needed!!

London here I come!

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