Post Camp Blues

I’m having a cuppa with a biccie thinking of my new BFF Susan hoping she’s enjoying a cuppa with some biccies too. Am feeling a bit glum, I guess it’s just post camp blues.

I’ve had a good week to digest it all, and the conclusion is: Extraordinary. The Yarn Harlot’s Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour? In spades. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. No quicker than that. Now what? Sigh. Wait until next year!

So where was I? Ah yes – the ferry:

It took us through some beautiful scenery.

Then we arrived to Orcas Island.

Alice drove our hardcore yarn crawlers to Rosario Resort, where we lined up to check in, then went upstairs to register with EttaMae & Tammy. Warm ladies, duly sorting us campers into our various ‘tribes’. There were about 100 of us campers, and we were split into 4 tribes: Trickster, Rooks, Valkyrie & Corbies. Having just spent three days with a group of lovely ladies, we had been chatting about where we would be sorted and whether we’d be together. I got sorted into the same tribe as Susan (my kindred spirit!). I LOVE that I was a Valkyrie. You know, that weird Scandinavian thing I have. So I was totally thrilled to be in a tribe from to Norse mythology. Valkyries are female deities – “Choosers of the Slain” – who served Odin. The valkyries’ purpose was to choose the most heroic of those who had died in battle and to carry them off to Valhalla where they became einherjar who would fight with Odin at Ragnarök, the preordained battle at the end of the world. In Valhalla the valkyries also “serve drink and look after the tableware and drinking vessels”. hmm. we definitely looked after the drinking vessels, but did the drinking rather than the serving. hopefully Odin understands about knitting camp and didn’t mind too much.

Rosario Resort – Manor House in the background, white building to the left. Where we held classes and camp activities in the Discovery House to the foreground – brown flat roof is all that is clearly visible.

With Susan crossing paths seemed to be a theme. I have the feeling I was supposed to meet her. Not only were we on the same yarn crawl (out of 12 people total attending) then same “continued crawl” (out of 8 total), then same tribe (of 4 total between 100 peeps), AND next door neighbours! If we somehow missed each other at camp we were also booked on the same flight back to Seattle (which was cancelled so we both had Sam to thank for getting us across on the ferry and back to the city)! So many coincidences. And the last little sort-of coincidence – I supposed to go to a wool fair in germany last October but at last minute did not. Susan went to this same wool fair at the suggestion of (and met with) Claudia of Wollmeise – same Claudia who told me in the first place I ought to go to this fair. If i had there was probably a good chance i would have met Susan even earlier! Go figure!

We hopped in the van afterwards to drop our stuff at our rooms – on the way we met KT who had just been driving in. Our rooms were in the 1600 block- Susan, Joan & I in the same block. Of course, once we were settled we headed over to the lounge for more cocktails and then at the appointed time to Discovery House for our welcome drinks (more cocktails still) and some cookies and nibbles.
I kinneared JC (a bit too shy to ask directly for a photo)

Kinneared Stephanie & Cat (far back table on the left, the two ladies in grey tshirts with yellow bandanas around their necks)

Cookie A

As well as Tina Newton (genius and heart behind BMFA, also with yellow bandana).

At first being in the presence of so many knitting greats was very intimidating. I only had the guts to kinnear Cookie Tina & Stephanie Cat and JC. But that was silly – these ladies are lovely friendly and warm. And have a healthy does of the sillies which I admire greatly.

I did better at the end of camp:

Stephanie with (from left) Diane’s Express Lane Socks, Emma’s Neighbourhood Tunnels & Jane’s Karenina’s (both these last for the Sock(topus)Club 2007).

I got to celebrate my fellow yellowness with Cookie which rocked. As I got less shy I was able to go from kinnearing the back of Cookie’s head to actually photographing her face…

To getting a photo of her in an alpaca shawl ambush.

That first night at camp I slept hard – tired and excited (I wanted to knit more), but tiredness won out. The silence of the place at night was gorgeous.

There was shopping too… but for that I will wait till the next post! 🙂

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