Another time, at sock camp….

The rest of sock camp was pretty much wake up, call Sooze & Joan, head over to breakfast then down back to Discovery House.
My room was suitably country resort-esque
With a beautiful view from the balcony (Discovery House just down the hill to the right, and the manor house the white building beyond the pine trees)


Every morning I had apple porridge. It was delicious.

Then the camp tuck shop would open. It was filled up with lots of gorgeous yarnie yumminess (was being the operative word).

There was a lot of yarn petting and admiring, and most importantly, acquiring!

Cat Bordhi petting some silkie

And giving it the requisite squeeze!

A hundred of us descended like magpies eyeing a lot of shiny things

But the elbows-out attitude in such a rush was decidedly missing. While people did do a lot of running around and loading up (myself included) there was alot of ‘please can you pass me the X coloured skein to your left’ from the back of the crowds in front, and X skein was always duly passed back. Very camper-spirited I am proud to say! So alot of jostling but always friendly and always ready to reach out (literally) and help someone get that yarn apple of their eye.

Happy shoppers lining up to pay

Sooze maybe thinking she should get some more of that Rooster Rock…

Happy Sooze with more Rooster Rock and some Twisted…

By Wednesday the shop was seriously depleted, and by Thursday – empty. Next to nothing left! Where did it all go? Into camper’s loving arms of course!

There was alot of BMFA fibre love.

Chappy very pleased with her Eggplanted LSS (or is it Wooboo?)
We decided to literally dive into our stashes and bury ourselves in them.


Joan the yarn baby!


Classes were awesome – I loved JC Briar’s class. The cast-on’s just blew my mind.

Stephanie and Tina demonstrating the lightning bold effect of variagated yarn on the top of the ankle. See that sideways V? It is on ALL variagated socks that have a heel flap. Newton’s law. Tina Newton, that is. But seriously, not Tina’s fault, it simply is the way that the heel flap affects the colour spirals.


We made sock puppets – meet Lola (she’s a showgirl).

We also made sock monkeys – from left to right Kackalackalacka, Carole’s monkey, and Hooli, sneaking a spliff.

Hooli hanging with the piano man.

Hooli, feeling pensive:

There were a whole lotta monkeys there. You can see more on Sam’s blog and the other camper blogs listed on her blog too.
This is Stephen, who came to what Cookie describes as our “afterparty after afterparty”…. the reality is much less glam! Sooze Joan & I would hang out and chat and drink, and Stephen would come and ask why he was the only one there! I think in our fibre induced haze we completely forgot to actually invite other people, or we would invite people but forget to tell them our room number! We’ll be sure to be a little more organised next year. Maybe best if we just wrote our room number on our name tag! Still, we did have a rollicking good time. Stephen seems to be having a fab time with the monkeys and hootie (the owl puppet).

Hotflash & Cockeyed, two of the awesome sockateers, with Leslie and Cookie A. This was our last night buffet dinner.

And here with my peeps! Carole, Me, Sooze & Joan

Oh yeah, almost forgot to include Big Daddy. He was our cab driver -the only cab driver on the island. A really lovely guy. A little light on the pedal though. Next year we’re gonna go visit him and his girlfriend at the local cafe where, he says, she makes the best clam chowder on the island.

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