A Knitterly Weekend

This past weekend David was away at a friend’s stag (up to Liverpool & Snowdon), and I took the opportunity to truly indulge – three days of knitivities: Friday night was the monthly Socktopod Socknitter meet up. Saturday morning was spinning & fibre dying at Diane’s, and that night a PJ knitting/Pride & Prejudice party, and Sunday was a very lazy breakfast knit on our balcony (complete with mimosas!).  A lovely full weekend… and now David is home it’s complete!

Friday morning Ysolda arrived to stay for the weekend. This is the first time I’ve met this young & very talented Scottish designer, though we’ve corresponded by email before this.  It’s always so intriguing meeting the people behind the blogs & designs, and Ysolda proved to be fun loving and VERY adept with the knitting needles.  
That evening we went to the Hide bar in Bermondsey for the second Socktopod Socknitter meetup where we had the use of the private back room – lovely venue (though part of the room was a little dark for knitting… silly me brought dark blue yarn!!).  No photos (doh! have to remember next time).  There was the lovely Angela, Ysolda & Noraknits, the usual & very well behaved (c’mon ladies, where’s the scandal in that?) suspects Lara, Jane, G&M, Laura, Diane, Ali, Mel, Alex, Jen (& the dashing Woolly).  There was some knitting on the STR longest sock, Diane held a short row toe & heel tutorial, and I tried to knit on my dark blue sock but soon gave up to munch on hummous and bread.
Saturday morning was a late early morning – the spinning group meet ups are normally for 10am. We managed to arrive very fashionably for 11am… we did some fibre dying with Diane and the block preventing me from trying it out is now lifted. I don’t know why I felt it was such a faff but actually, it was super easy and not messy at all.  Watch out acid dyes -here I come!  We followed up with a picnic in the park near Diane’s.  A nearby icecream truck played its jingle like the Pied Piper and off we went to return with 99 flakes.  There were suntanners and picnicers and footballers all enjoying the hot weather.  By about 4pm we disbanded, me off to Sainsbury’s to pick up food for the evening.
A few hours later, Ali, Mel, G&M, Diane, Emms, Laura, Jen were all sitting around the tv knitting away, munching on brownies, strawberry shortcake & pizza (not quite in that order!) and watching the whole series of P&P.  Sarah my dear Yoshimi was down from Leicester special for the night – it was fantastic to see her and catch up.  Mr Darcy continues to be very hot.  Ysolda joined us later that evening, and we were up till the wee hours chatting and watching Lizzie & Fitzwilliam get it on.   As the evening progressed, 6 very hardcore pyjamaknitters were left and sleeping bags and duvets were rolled out.  The next morning saw a very lazy breakfast in the sun, alot more knitting, another short row tutorial and then goodbyes.  I dropped off Mel, Jen & Ysolda at South Ken and went and got some gelati with Sarah then a coffee to chat a bit more (and knit too of course!) before she too had to head off to Harrow to pick up her car and head back north to home hubbie & her Norse God fancy rats.  
We did manage to get some photo ops with Hooli, Woolly, Elijah & Otto in the Yarn Room.  Don’t worry, Hooli’s now got one of those fake ciggies to help wean him from the habit.  No smoking allowed in the Yarn Room.

4 thoughts on “A Knitterly Weekend

  1. I had a great time on Friday and Saturday night – thanks again for your hospitality! Oh and sorry I guzzles all that red wine before you had a chance to taste it…in my defence, it was very drinkable (kinda like Ribena). See you soon! Laura x

  2. I had such a great friday night – thanks for organising it and for finding me the lovely yarn as well. Your weekend sounds really lovely and full of exciting fibre related things. See you soon! Lara x

  3. Once again a huge big thank you. On sunday morning I felt like I was on holiday sitting out on the balcony having breakfast. It was just totally fantastic. It was just what I needed.

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