Dyeing to spin…

Diane’s dyeing tutorial on Saturday has really opened the floodgates! Yesterday I went over to hers and created these:


It was great fun – with three primaries and lots of plastic cups I went at it mad-scientist-esque. Mixing and pouring and mixing and pouring to get the colours, and throwing in randoms to see what would happen. I’ve really pleased with the results, even though I did worry I had created a lot of chewed up clown!

I had intended to overdye the roving I dyed on Saturday – but I forgot it at home. Not to worry, I managed to do it when I got home that evening. Too bad I forgot to take a photo of the before, but I am very pleased with the after:


Not sure how these will spin up, but it will be very exciting to see what happens. I’m also getting more control on the wheel – i”ve graduated up a gear and can now have the wheel spinning faster for me whilst I pedal less.

I spun up some of Natalie’s absolutely stunning Ochil roving into a 2 ply (the sandy coloured one on the bottom.


It’s set against my last handspun (blue and pinks, also from the Yarn Yard). The improvement is not great, but it is there (at least, I think it is!).


More of the fingering weight I am looking for, and less of the aran weight that creeps in when I’m not paying attention!

It’s also definitely a bigger skein than my previous attempt even though the weight was similar (100grams vs 98 grams) so I must be getting closer…and it is divinely squishy! It is wrong to want to leave my face in it all day?

I’m almost feeling ready to spin up my Mustang Sally!

Oh and I keep meaning to respond! Wye Sue the alpacas were in Wales, on the way back to Abergavenny. The farm was called Panteg Uschaf (at least that was the sign near it).

And glad everyone had a great time this weekend!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dyeing to spin…

  1. Good lord, that thrid one you dyed – the purpley orangey one – is stunning!What dyes did you use? Now I wants me some dyed fibre too! :-)Also, your Ochil looks lovely.

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