Catering to our every whim…

Okay, maybe not EVERY whim, but a Ben & Jerry ice cream vending machine is pretty awesome. Came across this at Heathrow Terminal 3 arrivals. B treated me whilst we waited for Pam and Irmgard. The two of them came giggling through the doors waving away happily at some strangers. Barb tried to entice me with a Frothee but I stayed loyal to my ice cream! The ladies will be very busy this trip- brighton, haye-on-wye and of course Sophia's already very full diary! I can't wait to spend more time with P and I- I never laugh so much as when they are regaling us with their stories!

Off to IoW tomorrow to celebrate a certain gentleman’s big SIX-OH. Last time we were there deuce was still a wee puppy – should be interesting to see him run around this time!

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