Whooosh – another week gone!

Alot seems to be happening but sort of in slow motion… every day DH comes home and asks me how my day went, to which I always reply “pretty good”, then he asks what I did. Now what did I do? I am always at a momentary loss because I can never remember right away what I did, then I start with the big things and then all the little things and then I’m shocked that I managed it all in the day. I need a to-do list so I can really get the most of that feeling of getting stuff done. Now, don’t get me wrong, the list of not-crossed off items is always longer than the list of crossed off items… but progress is made!

So to the week – a very eventful weekend last weekend, so I’ll start with a quick recap:

Friday night David & I went to to see the God of Carnage – a play by Yasmina Reza (same lady behind “Art”). A story about two sets of parents who meet to discuss how to deal with their two sons, one of whom beat the other with a stick. What follows is a hilarious descent from high moral ground to, well, childish name calling. Raph Fiennes was very funny as a slightly repulsive lawyer (ball scratching and stuck to his mobile). We also got to my old law school haunt of C&R, a little malaysian place in Rupert Court. The laksa wasn’t quite as thick as it used to be, but it was cheap and cheerful and still quite yummy.

Saturday we went to see Indiana Jones with LissaLoo (M&L) at the Electric, my all time favourite cinema in London. Indy was fun, not really up to analysis (too many plot holes and a few WTF? scenes (particularly the gophers and the monkeys) but still, it was silly and entertaining and classic Indy cheese. For that it gets two thumbs up!

Sunday was the big day for Jenny & Andrew – they got married at Kew Gardens, in a lovely room overlooking the gardens. The sun came out as they were off to get their photos taken. It was really lovely, very simple with a lovely poem called “The Orange” by Wendy Cope. Reception followed at Notting Hill, with honey from A’s father’s bees, hoummous on the table with pita, and roast chicken with delicious pomegranate lime rice. Dessert was spectacular – cheesecake was the best! Wine was provided by talented Julie. Then the music started – I think it was Hava Nagila, a traditional song for the Hora – a circle dance around the couple, where they get lifted in chairs above the crowd (this elicited a scream from J). Jenny’s father was in there, as was most of her family. We all joined in, not quite knowing what we were doing but going along with the crowd, laughing and dancing in circles around J & A. I think a party isn’t a great party unless there is a dance off and someone doing the splits, and J&A didn’t disappoint. Shona was in there doing a dance off against A’s little brother, and on winning, Shona went back out for two encores, of which the last was the splits! Pretty impressive.

Monday we were treated to a lovely dinner at B’s – bbq’d lamb chops, asparagus with hollandaise and mushy peas. A great dinner, and we got to spend some time with Pam and I before they headed back to Canada. We made a date for I to return for a summer party at ours (with Sophia and Paul, but apparently sans Barbara as mother has said she has to work!).

We were also given a beautiful wedding gift – a map of matrimony from B, P, LissaLoo, P,I, L & N. Thank you all. It is gorgeous. Now the question is – where best to hang it?

Now in case you’d thought I’d forgotten, here is my next photo for my alphabet series:

I also found another A I just had to include:DSC_0024.JPG

On Thursday I received this parcel in the post:

Which for very silly reasons I did not open til Friday. It contained all sorts of goodies:

Jelly beans, kool aid, bare sock yarn for dying (with the coolest little flecks to make it look a bit like tweed), a little project bag, and, the piece de resistance, a gorgeous pink moebius cowl which I won on Marianne’s blog. It’s such a treat and oh so beautiful. Thank you Marianne!

The project bag is perfect (one can never have too many!)
and I will be using the dye and sock yarn for a secret project … again totally timely.

And for knitting – I was getting that weird running hard but getting nowhere feeling about my knitting and decided to stop stressing already and just cast on – so I did and feel much better for it. I had frogged my shetland triangle shawl and had been putting off casting on again, and hadn’t yet cast on my swallowtail for the KAL (see – so behind…) and I finally did both. And I wonder why I ever stressed about it – they are such lovely knits.

Here is the shetland triangle shawl, on 6.5mm needles (I went up and like it much better now)

and the swallow tail, in Pagewood Farms Yukon (Navajo colourway).
I absolutely love this colourway and the yarn. I might have to say this is my new favourite yarn – though I did enjoy Camelspin i am just loving this Yukon and how it is knitting up. Eee!

Now to finish FIL’s sock, CO for my other Kaw Kaw, Cedar Creeks and Indigo Moon Monkeys…..

3 thoughts on “Whooosh – another week gone!

  1. Both the shawls look gorgeous! Can’t wait to see them finished. :)I’m glad you had a lovely week/weekend.

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